Barbara Samardich: Both parties ignore ‘multiculturism does not work’ |

Barbara Samardich: Both parties ignore ‘multiculturism does not work’

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Barbara Samardich

During the great migration of the 1800s, the peoples of mainly Europe were funneled through the ports of Ellis Island and San Francisco.

They were checked for disease and those who did not pass were quickly sent packing. There were the wild lands of the West to be settled and property that could be owned. Some stayed and worked the factories in the growing cities. They either made it due to hard work or they failed. There were no government programs guaranteeing unemployment payments or food subsidies. There was no health care.

Most learned to speak the common language — English. Some immigrants settled in areas where there were established communities from the “old country” that retained certain customs from their country of origin. But … they were proud to be Americans.

The question today is whether the greater diversity of the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in furthering the common good or whether it has dissolved the unity and cohesiveness of America.

“(Diversity) enforces its ideological liberalism with an iron fist that is driven by political correctness … ”— Edward J. Erler, CSU-San Bernadino professor emeritus

Edward J. Erler, professor emeritus of political science at California State University, San Bernadino, writes in “Imprimis,” a publication of Hillsdale College, that this greater diversity means inevitably that we have less in common. He states that the more we encourage diversity, the less we honor the common good.

“Diversity, of course, marches under the banner of tolerance, but is a bastion of intolerance. It enforces its ideological liberalism with an iron fist that is driven by political correctness, the most ingenious (and insidious) device for suppressing freedom of speech and political dissent ever invented.”

We see the evidence of this in the hysteria fomented on college campuses. Rather than listen to opposing viewpoints, students now need “safe rooms” or choose to riot destroying public property. At the same time, they scream that the “right wing” are all fascists. The only evidence of fascism I see is coming from the political left. When individuals feel it necessary to rip off T-shirts or baseball caps showing opposing opinions, we are in serious trouble as a nation.

So, the great experiment of America continues with all of its warts. How this all will end up is a frightening thought. Professor Erler ends with: “The American people can, of course, consent to allow others to join the compact that created the American nation, but they have the sovereign right to specify the terms and conditions for granting entry and the qualifications for citizenship.”

Keep in mind that both political parties are to blame for the current state of hate — Republicans want to continue the steady supply of cheap and exploitable labor while the Democrats want future voters and political power. Neither seem to reflect upon the European model that clearly demonstrates multiculturism does not work.

And most importantly, when this new “one world” government takes power, we will become “subjects” again not citizens.

Barbara Samardich lives in Nevada City.

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