Arthur H. Krugler: I hear my father every day |

Arthur H. Krugler: I hear my father every day

I hear my father every day. He died 20 years ago at 102 and others now speak for him.

These are examples of what I heard and remember. My father was never in doubt, but often wrong. Millions are continuing his legacy.

“Man on the moon — not so — just pictures from Hollywood.”

Actually men were there and returned with rocks to study.

“Atomic Bomb — cannot be, there is not enough of that uranium stuff in the world.”

Actually, United States bombs killed between 150,000 and 200,000.

“An eclipse of the sun tomorrow morning: They are nuts.”

Actually, he stood a long time in the doorway of our barn after 6 a.m. watching the dark disc move across the sun; and became silent, saying no more. My father, not speaking.

“Everybody knows,” “settled science,” and very scary pronouncements that we hear and are published as gospel are “never in doubt” opinions.

Remember the “acid rain” problem of 1970 destroying lakes and rivers in New England?

“Coal plants are polluters and those plants must be shut down, now.” My father speaking?

Actually, Nixon signed clean air and water amendments, and limestone scrubbers were installed. Result, the plants are still burning coal and New England’s lakes have recovered providing excellent fishing for decades now.

Was it CO2 or was it SO2/NO2? Have you heard? My Father, not speaking?

“Polar Bears are dying and disappearing because Arctic Ice is melting.” My father speaking?

Actually, the 2019 census showed over 25,000 healthy bears. Their life span is reported to be 15 years, so 2,000 bears must die of old age each year. How hard to find one for a tear-jerking photo op? Even our own elderly show clear signs of aging.

Have you heard about dying polar bears recently? My father, not speaking?

Or instead heard talk about “settled science” and “calamities,” rather than science.

“Glaciers the world over are disappearing because of the CO2 blanket and those in Glacier National Park will disappear by 2020.” My father speaking?

Actually, per ice cores, we have had over 10,000 years of a warm climate after the ice age. Surely, glaciers also melted but have not disappeared. Instead visitor signs at Glacier National Park are quietly being replaced saying they may disappear. My father, not speaking?

“CO2 from The Industrial Revolution has created a green house blanket that will fry the earth. We must eliminate use of carbon in fuels and plastics, right now.” My father speaking?

Actually, during 200 years of industrial revolution from 1780 to 1980, there were also two world wars, and there was an increase in CO2 from 280 ppm to 338 ppm concentrations but zero rise in global temperatures. Why? CO2 has increased dramatically after 1980 to 417 ppm with no comparable increase in temperature. My father not speaking — about 200 years of data?

Actually, 400,000 years of ice core data show that temperature, on average, rose before CO2 rose by over 800 years. The same CO2 concentration while temperatures rose, occurred when temperatures were falling during ice ages?

“Inefficient, polluting, coal plants need to be shut down and natural gas used until being replaced with solar/wind to save the planet.” My father speaking?

Actually, a graph of CO2 concentration shows that by burning coal instead of turbines burning natural gas and no jet airplane fuel, the CO2 content would now be 323 ppm instead of over 415 ppm.

Physical chemistry explains why: Natural gas contains 4 hydrogen atoms per C atom which forms water lowering the density of the exhaust gas and this low-density gas rises rapidly to the upper atmosphere.

Coal plant stack gas is heavier than air and sinks with little effect.

Actually, every solar/wind plant needs three times as much CO2 generation to provide power when they are idle from lack of or reduced sun and/wind energy. Present day batteries are too expensive and also just not available in grid strength numbers. Further, those nations and states that have promoted clean wind/solar already have over two times higher cost of electricity. Our poor will suffer.

“Temperatures in Siberia, above the Arctic Circle are higher than ever.” My father speaking? This area has the largest deposits of uranium ore and all hot spots are also above past hot spots which are now cooling.

An ice age is coming.

Arthur H. Krugler lives in Grass Valley.

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