Anne Merdinger: Not worthy of the presidency |

Anne Merdinger: Not worthy of the presidency

Anne Merdinger
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Ken Hale wrote a description of Trump representing the Seven Deadly Sins, and Jim Driver responded with “Judge Not!” and that Trump is imperfect.

First of all, the “Judge Not” from the Bible is taken out of context here. It is our duty to assess the character and merits of the person we choose to represent us. Second, although imperfection is a hallmark of what it is to be human, using that fact to excuse truly abhorrent behavior is like someone saying of Hitler, “Hey, give the guy a break. After all, nobody’s perfect!”

There’s a huge difference between being imperfect and amoral. We have had plenty of adulterous presidents, but not one who has publicly bragged about sexually harassing women. At this point more than 20 women have accused Trump of sexual assault, along with a credible accusation that he raped a 13-year-old girl. Innocent until proven guilty, but his own actions and language, along with his presence at the home of his old “terrific” buddy the pedophile Epstein, give credence to the charges. In this regard, I’m thankful for our past two presidents who gave us 16 years of modeling what it is to be a faithful family man.

We have had plenty of obese presidents (I don’t hold that against him), but none who turned around and fat-shamed and used appearance-based insults against others. “Miss Piggy,” “fat ugly face,” “horseface” and hundreds more. His name-calling, bullying and insults are unworthy of any leader anywhere. He also faked his own over-the-top health statement: “Healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” What kind of person does that? His two predecessors easily out score him in the fitness department!

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His name-calling, bullying and insults are unworthy of any leader anywhere.

I think Mr. Hale connected greed, envy and wrath to Trump accurately. His faults in these areas are all extreme versions of what you might see in an average person. He is so envious of Obama, he betrayed our country by pulling out of the nuclear agreement with Iran out of spite, according to BBC news. In the Mueller report, he is reported as stating that (running for president) will be great PR for his businesses. As president, he has defied the Emoluments clause of the Constitution and takes advantage of his position to make millions at home and abroad. We don’t know for sure what kinds of compromises he has made with other countries to satisfy his lust for more and more money and power. I follow him on Twitter and read ample examples of his thin-skinned quick-to-anger wrath at anyone who challenges him.

As for sloth, I don’t know. We hear that he doesn’t read (he certainly doesn’t communicate like a reader), that he doesn’t have the attention span to listen to reports, and we know that he has spent more time golfing than Obama did, although he criticized Obama for golfing too much. He claims to go by his instinct, rather than doing the work of research and thoughtful study, or even listening to others who have done the work. When in doubt, he just makes up whatever he wants to justify his position. According to the BBC, his daily schedule includes hours of “executive time” during which he watches TV and tweets.

The two vices that disturb me most are his malignant narcissism and his obsessive lying. I’d expect every president to have a healthy ego as part of the drive that propels them to that high position. However, it is dangerous for that ego to delude them into thinking they are superior to everyone. So many of Trumps delusional statements have begun with “I’m the best at …”, “I know more than anyone about …,” etc. It’s ludicrous for anyone to take him seriously.

Manny Montes talked about “Trump Derangement Syndrome” in his letter. I think these two parts of Trump’s character are the ones that get to us the most. We expect politicians to lie, mostly about campaign promises they are unlikely to keep, and bragging about things they claim to have accomplished. We do not expect our leaders to lie about everything, inconsequential (where their father was born) or huge (claiming a representative said how great Al Qaeda was. If something happens to her, he will have blood on his hands.) He lies about conversations he has with world leaders, who then go on record refuting his words. His lies about the media, labeling as Fake News any news uncomplimentary to him is unAmerican, unDemocratic and dangerous.

Finally, I want to say that I don’t hate Donald Trump. If he were just anyone, I would pity him for his dark soul and mental illness.

However, I do hate what he has done to this country. He is endangering the well-being of the country and the planet with his denial of global climate change. His tactics at the border, with tariffs, with his irresponsible tax cuts benefiting the wealthiest, praising dictators and insulting allies … these are all things that alarm thoughtful Americans.

I am not in favor of everything proposed on the Democratic side, and I respect some traditional Republican values, but this particular person is not worthy to represent us. No excuse.

Anne Merdinger lives in Nevada City.

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