Allan Krosner: How about some science in climate change discussion? |

Allan Krosner: How about some science in climate change discussion?

I see many newscasts and articles showing people getting emotionally distraught and scaring their children over the false premise that man is causing climate change due to the use of fossil fuel.

In none of these articles and newscasts do I see any scientific discussion about the real cause of climate change. I am going to mention a few very basic facts that are easy to double check.

I recently toured the Alaskan Mendenhall Glacier and was surprised to learn of its origins. It reached its maximum extent around 1750. After that it started to recede at the end of the Little Ice Age. The Little Ice Age existed from 1500 AD to 1800 AD. So yes, the world has warmed up since then. Tree stumps uncovered from the areas that have retreated date from 1,200 to 1,400 years ago. So, there was no glacier 1,200 years ago. It was created during the Little Ice Age.

The Southeast U.S. is very hot and humid in the summer and does not cool down in the evening.

This is due to the high humidity / water vapor. Water vapor is 93% of the greenhouse gasses. CO2 is only 4%. Man and his CO2 is a very small portion of the total CO2 and has no effect on the climate. John Tyndall, an Irish physicist, did experiments to determine which components of our atmosphere absorb the most heat. He published his findings in 1861.

During the Medieval Warming Period, 900 AD to 1400 AD, Greenland was colonized and farmed; hence the name Greenland. It was warmer at that time than it is now. It then turned cold during the Little Ice Age and the colonies left Greenland.

The graph that was published in the UN’s IPCC report of 1998 did not show the Medieval Warming Period or the Little Ice Age. This is the graph that most people are aware of. It depicted a constant temperature for nearly 1,000 years with a drastic uptick in the last hundred years. This is Dr. Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick graph.

Dr. Timothy Ball and talk show host Mark Steyn called the Hockey Stick Graph a fraud. Dr. Mann filed a libel suit against Dr. Ball and Mr. Stein. Under court order Dr. Mann was to produce the data that proves his graph is not a fraud. He refused to produce the data. On Aug. 23, 2019, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled against Dr. Michael Mann on the Dr. Ball suit. Dr. Mann was ordered to pay Dr. Ball’s legal costs which is in the millions.

None of the predictions of the climate change scientists have ever come true. A case in point, Al Gore and the Obamas have bought ocean front properties. Obviously they are not worried about rising sea levels. If you would like to cheer yourself up, watch George Carlin’s “Saving the Planet” on YouTube.

Allan Krosner lives in Nevada City.

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