Al Dover: Regarding Gretchen Serrata |

Al Dover: Regarding Gretchen Serrata

Please permit me a personal observation. I have had the good fortune to come across many talented, dedicated public servants during my 45 years in the law profession with 20 of those as a Nevada County judge.

No one, in my opinion, is more deserving of our gratitude and respect for the work she did as an attorney and leader of the Family Law Facilitator’s Office in Nevada County than Gretchen Serrata.

Gretchen not only saved the court time and money by resolving “parenting disputes,” far more importantly, she saved thousands of parents and children from the suffering they would have endured as a result of continuing conflict related to those disputes.

It cannot be overstated what a service it is to spare families the agony, misery and expense of our adversarial system in family law by resolving those disputes directly with those that care the most, the parents and children themselves. It takes great skill, wit, wisdom and compassion to do the work Gretchen provided and no one, no one, possessed and provided more of those attributes than Gretchen Serrata.

If it was up to me, I would build a monument in front of the courthouse to her.

To Andy and all those who loved Gretchen, Lynne and I offer our deepest condolences.

Al Dover, Judge (retired)

Nevada City

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