Column on Bush order raises ire |

Column on Bush order raises ire

Rall’s opinion ‘stupid’

Ted Rall’s opinion column titled “President Bush has power of life and death over Americans” in the Dec. 20 edition was, in a word, “stupid,” and that would be a stretch.

Mr. Rall, we all know the USA is not perfect, but if we all contribute, it can and will be a better place. Your kind of article is not a contribution.

I note Mr. Rall claims to have written a book titled “To Afghanistan and Back.” I bet that’s a real “winner.” One might logically ask why he decided to come back. And, yes, The Union newspaper, why did you waste our time? It is right for you to print articles both fair and balanced. This one did not qualify on either count.

Ken Hansen

Grass Valley

Doesn’t Rall understand ‘war’?

I was appalled to read Ted Rall’s diatribe on President Bush and his executive order-signing. He vomits out all his venom and expects the reader to clean it up. Does he not understand the meaning of the word “war”? I believe Rall is either a sick and demented nitwit, or a publicity-hungry, small-time writer looking for immortality, no matter how distasteful he has to get. Please … call the paranoid police!

Elizabeth Hayman

Penn Valley

The Union needs balance

Ted Rall, columnist, wrote for The Union on Dec. 20: “First he (President Bush) appointed himself president. Now George W. Bush has declared himself God.” An interesting concept at Christmas time. The rest of The Union’s position (written by Ted Rall) continued to get even more bizarre and outrageous.

Mr. Rall (and The Union) then continued to attack the 2000 election. The election occurred over two years’ ago, and the U.S. has turned more conservative – get over it!

I am expecting The Union to talk about the “vast right wing conspiracy” as to the reason for the results this past November for at least the next two years.

James S. Dean

Grass Valley

[Editor’s note: The views expressed in Ted Rall’s column, as in all columns and letters to the editor on the Ideas & Opinions page, are those of the writer. The views of The Union are expressed in its editorials.]

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