Column attacking FCAT raises some confusion, questions |

Column attacking FCAT raises some confusion, questions

Am I missing something? Democrats and Republicans, hippies? Both parties have regularly scheduled shows on FCAT. Maybe Barry Schoenborn meant me in his Sept. 14 column. I have long hair. He’s certainly seen me enough. I direct the “Nevada County News Hour” on FCAT, on which he’s a regular panelist. I also produce my own show, “Reality Check.”

I’ve interviewed local politicians, members of the NH 2020 task force, folks from SYRCL and Nevada County Recycling, local architect Fred Stoenner, renewable energy professionals and Amigo Bob Cantesano, well-known organic agricultural advisor. Maybe he’s referring to my friend and fellow producer Randy Hansen, who videotapes the Nevada County Methamphetamine Task Force meetings, which air on his show, “As Good As It Gets.”

“Regular people,” interested in broadcasting their opinions and interests to others, produce these and all the other shows on FCAT for free.

Gil Dominguez, who tapes local high school and other sporting events, does have sponsors. These get “mentions” on the air, not commercials.

I won’t bother to categorically respond to all Mr. Schoenborn’s vindictive assertions. Maybe he was having a bad hair day. However, I do object to his timing, and wonder how during the process of researching his column, he missed the fact that we at FCAT (incidentally, I am also a new board member, a volunteer position) are about to begin a major fund-raising drive.

Some issues he addresses are indeed the result of a serious lack of funds. You’d think that a technical writer would notice that the equipment used in a show on which he is a “regular” is seriously outdated. Some behind-the-scenes equipment has actually been replaced and new software installed to automate and improve the scheduling process.

I also have to wonder what he means by educating the community to use the services it pays for.

Maybe he also missed the ongoing TV production classes that Miles Everett (the out-of towner who is now the executive director) provides in his own free time, nights and weekends.

Perhaps Mr. Schoenborn would like us to offer a class in journalism.

Lou Meyer

Grass Valley

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