City: clean up stream, so fewer mosquitos |

City: clean up stream, so fewer mosquitos

With the increased probability that mosquito-borne West Nile Disease has reached California, mosquito abatement should be a priority.

Individual property owners can avoid this problem by eliminating breeding areas in standing water in their yards. However, city-owned property are its responsibility. One glaring problem area is within the city limits and urgently needs attention.

This is the small, plant-clogged creek from Carpenter Street, under Walsh, and along the bike and footpath to Condon Park. It contains extremely tall, dense growth, causing pools of stagnant water to accumulate. The path is used by young people going to and from school and to the Little League Park in the evenings, when mosquitoes are flying around. This “mosquito heaven” also is an aggravation for area home owners who want to enjoy the evenings outside.

The city seemed aware of the condition because in July they cleared the stream bed between Carpenter and Walsh. However, they never returned to the worst section, which is almost completely clogged with dense aquatic plants between Walsh along the bike path.

According to the Sept. 7 Sacramento Bee, “Governor Davis recently signed a bill increasing the fine for failure to abate a public nuisance – such as standing water that attracts mosquitoes – to $1,000.

Regardless of the present mosquito problem and the possible fine to the city, this should be cleared before winter. When the heavy rains come, the water is going to back up above the culvert under Walsh, overflow the street, and possibly the backyards along the creek.

Patricia Maule

Grass Valley

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