CHP intolerant during snowstorm |

CHP intolerant during snowstorm

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, we had 5.25 inches of snowfall from 5 to 7:30 p.m. – right during the evening commute. I can imagine the dilemma that drivers faced trying to negotiate their way home with snow piling up on the road at a fast rate. If one can’t make it up a grade, the prudent driver will pull as far as possible off the side of the road so as to not block the road and come back the next morning to retrieve the vehicle.

I assume that the drivers of the towed cars did their best, considering the snow conditions, to pull their cars over and not block the road. CHP officer Dina Hernandez stated to The Union, “If they (cars) are left across the white line in a snowstorm, they are towed to make room for snowplows.”

On a snow-covered street, who can see the white lines? If a car was 1 to 2 feet over an unseen white line, why wasn’t there some tolerance by the CHP? The snowplows could have cleared enough of the county paved road in Alta Sierra to permit the flow of traffic. After all, this was a very unusual snowstorm, and the vehicles were apparently not blocking the street.

During the fierce snow and ice storms on East 70 in Colorado, I wonder if the CHP cited all the stranded drivers whose cars were over the white line? I doubt that there were any citations. My sympathy to the drivers who were inconvenienced in retrieving their cars and had to pay a $200 towing fee because a CHP officer apparently didn’t consider the unusual circumstances.

Joe Vielbig

Grass Valley

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