Chileski’s resignation result of witch hunt and hatred |

Chileski’s resignation result of witch hunt and hatred

Your story “Former GOP official deemed too liberal.” is only part of the truth, and only a small part at that. I am going to add a few pertinent facts. It is true that a small number of committee members considered Ms. Chileski too liberal. They accused her of all sorts of heinous crimes, such as belonging to the California Congress of Republicans – a California Republican Party sanctioned group – which is evidently a hanging offense in the Freedle/Hendrickson group. Not that it makes a whole lot of difference, but Chileski was not a member.

This whole witch hunt was fueled by nothing but hatred. Freedle picked and chose by-laws which served her cause, manipulated others, and simply ignored others that she did not like. Freedle was quoted in your story as saying “Chileski was removed from the chairmanship because she was out of touch with the majority of Republicans in the party.” The truth is, she was not removed, she resigned. However, they did not have the votes to remove her had it come to a vote, and Freedle knows it. That was just another attempt to humiliate her and mislead the public.

Another discrepancy is the part Assemblyman Sam Aanestad played. Regardless of the fact that he declined to comment and passed the buck to his spokesman, be assured, he was there; the scent of blood was in his nostrils along with the rest of this repugnant group. His participation shows a grave character deficiency for a state senator.

Finally, I would like to say to Shirley Hendrickson’s “the good old traditional, compassionate, conservative party,” she doesn’t know the meaning of the word compassionate. And as far as conservative goes, it is more like, think as she does, or you are out!

Margaret McCallum

Nevada City

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