Cheryl Cook: Only white terrorists get away with crimes |

Cheryl Cook: Only white terrorists get away with crimes


When Donald Trump lost the election in November, pardoned felon Michael Flynn called for the president to invoke martial law, suspend the Constitution, and overthrow the election.

Trump attorney, Joe DeNova, said that Chris Krebs, who was fired for stating that Trump’s defeat was not subject to voter fraud, “should be taken out at dawn and shot!”

At the Trump rally that preceded the assault on our Capitol on January 6, Rudy Guiliani yelled, “So let’s have trial by combat!”

The president of the United States promised, “ We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and I’ll be there with you.” Then he slithered away to watch his delusional minions attack our seat of government and take over the Capitol building.

With Confederate flags, Tea Party flags, and Trump flags waving next to our American flag, they were incited and deployed by our president to interrupt the certification of electoral votes for the new president and the peaceful transfer of power. .

This was blatant Insurrection against the U.S. government at the hands of a losing president. In 2020, Trump enacted the Statues and Monuments Act that punished protests on federal buildings with 10 years in prison. In January 2021, he sat aback and smugly watched it happen. Because only real American votes count! Only white terrorists get away with crimes.

There was a time not long ago when only white men with property were allowed to vote. Black men were the property. Those holding power have systemically thwarted those they perceived as inferior. In 2020, voter suppression and gerrymandering continue to linger like sweet molasses on sticky fingers.

Stacey Abrams had swallowed the defeat for the Georgia gubernatorial race against Kemp in 2018 to build a stronger movement with disenfranchised voters in Georgia. The results of the Georgia election that decided the fate of two Republican candidates in a run off for the U.S. Senate were served up to Mitch McConnell by Stacey Abrams in a Peach Cobbler that tasted like karma.

But Donald Trump used his election defeat to build a tower of delusional excuses over his loss. Trump had only to say the words, “I heard,” “There is a rumor,” and “stolen election” for 2,000 people to show up in Washington D.C., and disrupt democracy.

The terrorists defended themselves and said it was a revolution. They said, “This is our house.” Because they believe themselves to be part of a white supremacist revolution to take the country back from a changing demographic. A demographic where votes need to be suppressed, and gerrymandered, and if that doesn’t work out … the electoral process needs to be disrupted by an attack on a federal building and its occupants.

Lordie, didn’t a Black man and a Jewish man just get elected to the Senate out of the blazing red state of Georgia? A Black man. A Jewish man.

The GOP turned a blind eye to Trump’s impeachment, the attacks on our institutions and laws, the weakening of our government. They are complicit.

On January 6, several GOP members even threw themselves on the tracks of that Trump train hoping to derail the electoral vote confirmation in Congress. They joined a melodrama in the theatre of the absurd and objected to the electoral ballots counted in other states other than their own on the grounds that Constitutional processes were not followed. They knew it was a failed ploy. Just like they know the election was fair.

They all laid on the tracks for Trump’s attempted coup of the U.S. government. All of them. We cannot turn a blind eye anymore. Americans turned a blind eye when we separated families on auction blocks on Saturday and gathered family members for services on Sunday. Because it served us. This is an attempted takeover of our country by those who think they are the only qualified voters. The only real Americans.

Horrors have always been committed under the name of cultural pride. Money has been raised under the guise of voter fraud. Hitler did it with a booming economy and the promise of a pure race. Trump did it making liberals the enemy and insinuating voter fraud in districts where he lost.

In Trump’s attempt to split the nation, he split the Republican Party. Now Republicans have the responsibility to tell America the truth. Like Mitt Romney, Brad Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling.

The truth is the only thing that will make America great. If ever. Again.

Cheryl Cook lives in Penn Valley.

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