Center opposes warmongering |

Center opposes warmongering

I believe every town needs a peace center, especially during this current period of projected war without limits. The Peace Center of Nevada County was created after the April 20 March in San Francisco, where 35,000 people marched in solidarity with people all over the world. We were opposing the U.S. foreign policy of war ? in particular, at that time, the war against Afghanistan.

This state of perpetual war ? which has been continuing for many decades ? is escalating. Over 50 percent of the U.S. budget goes to the military, while social programs, funding for education, health care and the arts are being severely strangled. Some say we are moving towards a police state, with ?security? being emphasized at the expense of human rights and overall quality of life.

The war ? (and which war are we in now, I wonder?) ? this war has ?spread? to Colombia and the Philippines, where American troops are already poised for battle, and, of course, to enemy No. 1: Iraq. Saddam Hussein has made a comeback as the world?s most evil person, replacing, for the moment, Osama bin Laden. It?s hard to distinguish the ?good guys? from the villains ? wasn?t Iraq an ally just 12 years ago?

An analysis of U.S. foreign policy shows that it is not democracy the U.S. Is protecting, but corporate interests and all the resources it can grab, often from the world?s poorest countries. The ?war? is being waged against people, civilians, the world?s poor ? and we, in the United States are fed the media-controlled line that we are fighting for freedom. Rather, we are fighting to be the world?s only winner, controlling all resources, all land, all markets.

So every town needs a peace center, like a chamber of commerce or a fire department.

The Peace Center of Nevada County welcomes everyone who wants world peace with justice. It provides an alternative to war as a way of life. It can allow we, the people to maintain the extraordinary American right of questioning official policy, thinking for ourselves and creating a world of true liberty and justice for all.

Harriett Fels

Nevada City

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