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Jackie Turner: His first bed — a community providing a home

Jackie Turner
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His small little hands were clutching a red suit case. It bounced back and forth against his little knees, as he made his way down the sidewalk. His mother listened to the staff run down a list of information about their new home, and meal times. He lifted his hand toward the gate, and took a deep breath. “This one,” his mother said, as she pointed the way to their new home. He walked up the stairs, and peered inside of the front door.

The key turned in the door latch. His mother took her hand, and gently slid the glass door back. His little feet crossed the threshold. His eyes scoured his new home. He set down his little red suitcase, as his mother said, “We’re home.”

His walk was slow. He scanned his new environment. Then his eyes were set on something that would soon bring him great pleasure. At a quickened place he ran a few steps. He looked back at his mother with a question in his eyes. His mother’s response was simple, “Go ahead — that’s for you.” As quickly as the words left her mouth he leaped onto his new bed. His mother watched with water forming in her eyes and stated, “He has never had a bed before.”

The Acres of Hope staff that surrounded this new family felt the weight of such a statement. They listened as he gleefully jumped for joy on his new found possession. A bed that he could call his own. A tear trickled from his mother’s eye, as he finally grew tired and laid flat on his bed. She knelt down beside him, and through her choked up voice, she told her son, “Our lives are about to be transformed.”

At Acres of Hope, many families come with limited to no real resources for survival. They must learn what it is to have all they need to thrive, and feel safe.

The safety and stability the Acres of Hope families are experiencing is because of your kindness and generosity. Whether it is those who volunteer decorating a cottage, donate funds, or those who provide a Mickey Mouse comforter like the one on our new young resident’s bed, your impact makes a difference. The women and children no longer feel like they are fighting alone. They now know they have a place they can call home. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the love and support you show Acres of Hope families.

To be a part of changing the lives of women and children breaking the cycle of homelessness, visit: http://www.acresofhopeonline.org or call 530-878-8030.

Jackie Turner lives in Nevada City.

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