Caring adults build a future for our kids and community |

Caring adults build a future for our kids and community

There were too many mosquitoes around to really enjoy the Nevada County evening, but the Little League coach was patiently working with a kid – maybe 8 years old – anyway. Soft pitch after soft pitch came toward the young batter, and time and again the coach helped the kid learn to follow through on his swing.

It’s not a big deal, this act of a man teaching a child to swing a baseball bat, yet the process of patiently teaching a youngster one skill after another is the way we build a future for ourselves as a community.

We’re fortunate to live in a place that takes the future of its young people seriously. Parents care about the success of their children, of course, but so do lots of people whose children long since left home.

We read a few days ago, for instance, about Michael and Ginny Trapani. He’s a veterinarian; she’s a teacher at Lyman Gilmore School. Together, they wrote a drama, “In Your Dreams,” that’s being presented at the school this month.

We’d bet that a veterinarian and a middle-school teacher have plenty of ways to keep themselves busy without taking on the authorship of a play. Yet Michael and Ginny Trapani cared enough about the kids they know to give up a big part of their lives for a while.

Then we got to thinking about Carol Judd and her Kids Classic Fun Run. Carol is the principal at Bell Hill School in Grass Valley, and she worries that the kids around here aren’t getting enough exercise. So a few years ago, she organized the first Kids Classic Fun Run. We’d bet that an elementary school principal has plenty to do without taking on the enormous complexities of organizing a run, but Carol Judd cared enough about the future of the kids she knows to do it anyway.

The next time you’re out on an evening stroll, just look at the number of folks who are doing the most important work of all – getting our kids ready for life.

And even if you’re busy, maybe you can look for a way that you, too, can show the next generation how much you care.

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