Can we really vote on NH 2020? |

Can we really vote on NH 2020?

Do we really get to vote on NH 2020 in November as Supervisors Martin, Conklin, Van Zant and Green promise? These four and the Sierra Business Council claim we will, just like Placer County residents did with their version of NH 2020, the Placer Legacy. They also claim Placer County voters approved the Placer Legacy. I beg to differ.

The two Placer County measures – “V” and “W” – never mentioned the words Placer Legacy. Measure V asked if a sales tax was approved by the voters should it fund projects to preserve their quality of life, Measure W asked if the board should enact a quarter-cent sales tax which would fund the items listed in Measure V. There was no direct up or down vote on Placer Legacy.

Measure V, the funding of the projects to preserve their quality of life, depended on approval of Measure W for its funding. Measure V barely passed and the votes resoundingly voted no on enacting that new sales tax, Measure W. The result, no funding for Measure V which equates to a no vote on the measure. Is this letting an informed electorate vote on and approve the Placer Legacy measure? Not hardly.

Now look closely at Supervisor Van Zant’s resolution, approved by Martin, Conklin, and Green. Resolution 01-500 states, “The NH 2020 program shall be submitted to the voters of Nevada County for a vote (such as an advisory vote and/or approval of funding mechanisms or new resource protection districts).” If we get to vote on NH 2020 why doesn’t it say “an advisory vote and approval of funding?”

All this means is at the end of this two-year dog and pony show, they will approve NH 2020 and we, the public, can vote on how to fund it. Exactly as the Placer County Board of Supervisors and the Sierra Business Council did.

So when the four supervisors who approved resolution 01-500 say we can vote on NH 2020 just like the voters in Placer County did with the Placer Legacy, you will know they mean exactly what they say.

Chuck Douglas

Grass Valley

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