Cabin-fever forces folks to find ways to pass the time |

Cabin-fever forces folks to find ways to pass the time

All these weeks of overcast skies and rain have put me in a deep blue snit. Everybody has their favorite way to get over it: shopping, movies, phone time with a friend … anything but housework sounds okey-dokey with me. “Golly, it’s snowing again! Whoopee! What a perfect day to wash the kitchen walls, oh joy!” Not in the Herron Hovel. Not a chance.

Personally, I like to lounge at the window gazing at the wind and rain outside while sipping a cup of herbal tea and munching on a home-made double-chocolate cream puff. I would deliver a couple of extra cream puffs to you, dearest friend, truly I would, but the weather and icy roads prevent me from driving to Bigtown. So sorry.

I wanted to get out and catch up with everybody, find out what’s going on locally, so of course I headed straight for the town’s unofficial living room, the Washington Hotel, where practically everybody shows up at least once a day just to check in.

I ran into Jamie before I even got through the front door. He lived in Littletown for several years but then relocated to Grass Valley, where he’s a dedicated volunteer at the Lutz Center. Jamie, you look fantastic and it was great to see you again!

Marysville resident Paula Danton and her honey, Dean Penn, were playing a quiet game of pool. She works for Sprint, and he’s at Meek’s in Yuba City. They are frequent warm-weather visitors to Washington.

“Oh yes, we’ve been here in the summer but never in the winter when it snows, so we thought we’d come on up, and we love it here just as much,” Paula smiled. She’s one of those blessed people whose happiness radiates outward for a good three feet.

“We’re mountain-loving flatlanders,” she laughed. Dean said they’ve stayed overnight in the hotel several times and have even discussed getting married here. When they set the date, I’ll let you know.

I asked Henry DeCorte what he does when the weather goes sour and he said, “Well, I took down the Christmas lights and got rid of the tree and cleaned up a little down in the basement. I like to watch football on TV, and I stay stocked up on dry firewood, gotta do that. Other than that, I really like to spend as much time as possible bothering Su.” Su is Henry’s adoring better half.

Mervelous Merv overheard: “You let the people out there know they should hurry up and insulate their pipes if they haven’t done that already. You can buy insulated foam tubes for either plastic or copper pipes, and they should wrap all the exposed pipes around their house no matter what they’re for. The tubes don’t cost much, maybe a couple of bucks per four-foot section, and you can get ’em at any hardware store. You definitely don’t want to know the cost of repairing/replacing frozen or cracked pipes when just wrapping them will take care of it so easily.”

Spanky keeps a hefty supply of movies to watch, and he also likes to get on the Internet. After hearing this from several people, I was genuinely surprised at how many people in Washington are happily traveling on the information superhighway.

I’ll have more news next week, but you really ought to come on down yourself on a Sunday afternoon for a couple hours’ worth of conversation.

Vivian Herron is a longtime resident of the town of Washington whose column appears on Saturdays. You can write her in care of The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945.

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