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Bush’s actions on Iraq dangerous

President Bush is acting very hastily and dangerously in regards to Iraq. Our nation must proceed carefully, with the support of the American people and Congress, and act only in conjunction with the United Nations. I would like to affirm the following points:

1. Saddam has not attacked the U.S. Clear, specific evidence has not been presented that he intends to attack the U.S.

2. Possession of dangerous weapons and/or dictatorial and regionally imperialistic tendencies have not historically been justification for vast deployment of U.S. forces, let alone preemptive strikes against sovereign nations.

3. Unilateral declaration and initiation of war on Iraq could set precedence for other nations to behave in such fashion (e.g. China vs. Taiwan, Pakistan vs. India, etc.)

4. Attempts to reduce terrorism and encourage democracy would be set back terribly by a war on Iraq. In Vietnam, we defoliated forests to try to “find the enemy.” In Iraq, we would have to “depopulate” large civilian centers that are mixed in with Saddam’s military infrastructure. The deaths of large numbers of Iraqi civilians would be televised worldwide, and vastly fuel what would be seen as a need for justifiable “counter-terrorism” against the U.S. by millions of Arabs, Muslims and other poverty-stricken populations. As in Vietnam, the application of vast force and destruction does not guarantee victory.

I urge further thinking and deliberation before we jump into an action with huge and long-term consequences. If President Bush disregards the “rule of law” and resorts to the “rule of power and fear,” he will be making a very bad mistake for this country and we will see a rapid decline of freedom and democracy here and abroad. We do need to contain Saddam. Sooner or later he will collapse. Have patience. Apply political and economic pressure. Use force only with international support. Promote democracy. Win hearts and minds with generosity and the rule of law.

Gregg Olson

Nevada City

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