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Bush move to withhold family planning funds applauded

I am moved to write after reading Brian Bisnett’s column in The Union Aug. 10, criticizing President Bush for vetoing aid to the United Nations Population Fund. I looked in vain for any credentials or authority Mr. Bisnett might have to back up his opinions, but it seems they were not included.

As a college-educated adult American male who cherishes humanistic values, I am appalled by the kind of thinking expressed by Mr. Bisnett. The spectacle of a non-elected, political body dictating to people all over the world what kind and what size of families they should have sickens me, and I applaud President Bush for having the backbone (and the tight pockets) to say no to such a body. To claim, as Mr. Bisnett does, that the UNFPA has no record of promoting abortion, is the same as saying our domestic family planning entities do not promote abortion: a flat lie.

Offering abortion services to destitute and oppressed peoples, while at the same time not offering a value system that honors new life, and the obligation BOTH mothers and fathers (as well as the rest of that community) have to guard and nurture that life is tantamount to promotion. China may be one thing, but when groups like UNFPA seek to extend their activities to traditional Christian or Muslim countries whose values are in most cases diametrically opposed to the United Nations’ and Mr. Bisnett’s scientistic and materialistic pseudo-values … then there is a real problem.

Then, only caring and responsible First World leaders have a chance to stop this hidden racism and cloaked hatred of other cultures … and I hope that was President Bush’s motivation for withholding these funds.

In closing, I challenge Mr. Bisnett to work for social justice and to try to find a way to share his precious commodities and space with those poorest brothers and sisters who, up to now, he feels just take up too much space.

“Oh God, to hear the insect on the leaf pronouncing on the ‘too-much-life’ among its hungry brothers in the dust …”

– Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

Miles Shelton

Nevada City

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