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Bush can’t win for losin’

When someone said, “ya can’t win fer losin’,” they must have been referring to circumstances such as those faced by our president.

Not long ago, folks were irate about the mere possibility that the president and his staff had advance knowledge about the Sept. 11 tragedy. They demanded to know, “who knew what, when.” I heard many conversations in which President Bush was criticized for not taking action to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks. Now, this same president is acting on intelligence information that America and its peace-loving allies are threatened by Saddam Hussein and his development of weapons of mass destruction. It is unlikely that these “weapons of mass destruction” are jet airliners. They are more likely to be chemical or biological in nature (Hussein has a history of preferring these types of weapons ? he even uses them on his own people) and easily deployed by single individuals.

I wonder what those who criticize President Bush for considering a strike against Hussein would say if he failed to consider any action against Hussein and, perhaps during a rock concert, some Al-quaida sympathizer dropped a couple of vials of biological or chemical agents in the crowd.

Yep, it’s pretty clear that ya can’t win fer losin.’

George Hicks

Grass Valley

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