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Bush administration not truthful about cost of war

I am opposed to any unprovoked war with Iraq.

This great country has an honored tradition of not starting wars but of responding with all our might when attacked. War is a deadly serious undertaking – that is why our Constitution requires the consent of Congress before this country goes to war. President Bush’s administration has bluntly admitted that it intends to violate that constitutional requirement. That makes his actions lawless. At the moment, there is no proof that Iraq intends to attack our country or that it even has the capability of attacking us. The president has claimed that there is proof that at some unknown point in the future, Iraq may have the capability of threatening us with weapons of mass destruction. He does not and cannot claim that Iraq is an immediately threat to us. it is telling that Europe, much more vulnerable to attack by Iraq, is opposed to this unprovoked war.

The administration has not been truthful of the cost in blood of a war with Iraq. Anyone with a map can see that apart from tiny Kuwait, there is no country bordering Iraq from which we will be allowed to launch a ground war. Iraq is bordered by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan and Syria. Other than Turkey and Kuwait, which remain silent, none of those countries will allow us to stage our ground troops in their countries. In addition, without air bases in an adjoining country, an air war would be ineffective.

Any effective war with Iraq will cause many thousands of deaths of American soldiers. It’s one thing to fight a tank war in the desert. That nice little war staged by the last Bush did not topple Saddam. Only an invasion of Baghdad and the other cities of Iraq will do the job. It is a brutally different thing to commit our young men and women to a street-by- street war in Baghdad. Many, many Americans will die, as will thousands of Iraqi civilians caught in the crossfire. The cities and infrastructure will be destroyed. Think Europe after World War II.

Jeff Wilson

Grass Valley

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