Bruce Warden: What if it were you, LaMalfa? |

Bruce Warden: What if it were you, LaMalfa?


I have some serious questions to ask you. If you lost your congressional race, should I be concerned as a U.S. citizen and constituent in the 1st Congressional District that you would deem it expedient to spread misinformation, lies and conspiracy theories with no evidence to back them up so that you could influence the results of the election to suit you?

And if you were not successful in challenging the results in court, or in recount demands, or influencing election officials to tip the scale in your direction, would you incite a mob on the steps of our government offices to intimidate our local elected officials?

Should I as a constituent in this district choose to take the same tactics to get you out of office?

I’m a declared independent and will vote in each election based on who I feel is the best candidate to represent me. Frankly, I am very disappointed that you won the past election to be our representative.

I very much preferred Ms. Denney, whose views are more aligned with mine. However, I have accepted the results of this past election and acknowledge that you are my elected representative for the next two years. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened should you have lost this past election to Ms. Denney.

You have over these past few months consistently backed misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories that support the idea that it was Mr. Trump who won the election, that it was “stolen from him,” and not acknowledged the facts that Joe Biden had won a free and fair election.

You have done this knowing full well that there has been no evidence to support Mr. Trumps claims of voter fraud. The ultimate result of giving people misinformation and false hope is what we all witnessed at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

I respect my country’s cornerstone belief to engage in free and fair elections and its institutions that help safeguard that mission and would never condone such behavior. How then do I explain America’s democracy to my 11-year-old grandson who is watching this all play out in our nation’s capital and asking me what’s going on?

Bruce Warden lives in Grass Valley.


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