Brian Hamilton: So much snow |

Brian Hamilton: So much snow

Sure I'd seen the forecast for the next week, expecting the sun to shine bright at least through early next.

But after the past few weeks, with scant blue sky in sight, I wasn't about to take it for granted. I stood there a bit longer letting its warmth wash over my face before heading back inside and into the daily grind.

Vitamin D, indeed.

It's a good reminder to not take things for granted, whether the long-sought onslaught of rain and snow helping California emerge from its drought or the brief respite we're likely to see over the next six to seven days before another storm system.

So much snow has fallen so fast that it seems Caltrans crews are doing well to just blow the snow over the sides of the tall tunnels formed alongside the roadways.

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And what a wet few weeks of winter it has been.

On Jan. 1, California's Department of Water Resources records show the Central Sierra Region reached 57 percent of normal in snow water equivalents. As of Tuesday, that number stood at a whopping 195 percent of normal, as well as 91 percent of normal for April 1, when the snowpack is typically at its deepest measurement.

Those numbers might seem impressive, but not as much as seeing the winter wonderland just up the hill in person.

So much snow has fallen so fast that it seems Caltrans crews are doing well to just blow the snow over the sides of the tall tunnels formed alongside the roadways.

A Monday morning commute from Reno, after a fresh 30 inches fell in the North Tahoe/Truckee area, had me wanting to stop off to play in the powder. It didn't help that a high school friend of mine from the Hoosier state just posted some pics of the first day from his ski trip around Tahoe area resorts.

But without my board in tow, and with plenty of work awaiting down the hill, it was back to the grind — with hopes to play another day.

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