Brian Hamilton: Dude, where’s my letter? |

Brian Hamilton: Dude, where’s my letter?

Brian Hamilton

Oh, it’s so tempting to try it out just once, but I’m too chicken to say it.

Considering we’re in the thick of election season, in which everyone seems a bit more sensitive than usual, I just can’t bring myself to have some fun with callers checking on the status of their letters to the editor.

For the record, I’ve not gone there — yet, even with folks I’ve known for years.

“Hey, just calling to see why my letter hasn’t run yet,” the caller said. “I mean, I’ve seen a lot of letters for the opponent but not very many for (Candidate A).”

The Union won’t publish letters and op-eds about the election after Saturday, June 2, in advance of the June 5 primary election.

“Well, of course, you haven’t,” I’ll finally reply. “That’s because I’m for (Candidate B).”

“I knew it,” they’ll say, before hurriedly hanging up and hammering out a few sentences on Facebook to confirm the conspiracy is an actual thing.

But, of course, it’s not.

All of those conspiracy theorists truly give us way too much credit. If only we had the kind of time on our hands that it would take to pull off some of those theories. Because if we did, we’d surely find better uses for that newfound time than spending even a spare second on such nonsense. We’re not that organized, nor anywhere near that devious.

And such a mindset would be absolutely counter to everything we try to achieve as a community newspaper.

I have no political affiliations. In fact, I personally hold our political parties responsible for the majority of problems our people face. Surely they’d solve these issues one day, if “compromise” wasn’t such a dirty word among party loyalists and if it weren’t so easy to kick those cans down the road only to use them as political wedges for the next election cycle.

I’ll cast my vote, as all of you will, for the candidates and ballot measures I see as the best choices for our community. But my choice, or my opinion, won’t keep dissenting ones from these pages.

If you have not yet seen your letter published here, it’s likely due to sheer volume of letters and op-eds we receive from the community come election time. This level of engagement is a great problem for a newspaper and website to have. We’re working to publish those pieces as timely as we can, giving election-related opinions a priority in print this week and next. So let us know, if you’re still on the lookout for your letter — — but don’t delay doing so.

The Union won’t publish letters and op-eds about the election after Saturday, June 2, in advance of the June 5 primary election. Knowing that’s the case, please note we won’t accept any election-related opinions after Sunday, May 27, so that we can catch up on all the pieces you’ve penned.

And, along those lines, I’ll wrap up this piece — offering some extra room for those letters — with just a reminder that casting our vote is one of the most important acts as citizens of a free country.

It’s not something that should be shirked, but celebrated by exercising that essential right, for which so many of the Americans we’ll be remembering this Memorial Day paid the ultimate price.

Do your duty, and vote. We owe them so much more, but at the very least that much.

Contact Editor Brian Hamilton at or 530-477-4249.

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