BOS action on vote denial appropriate |

BOS action on vote denial appropriate

Opponents to Natural Heritage 2020 have collected 8,700 signatures to bring NH 2020 to a vote, which was denied by the Board of Supervisors. What do those 8,700 signatures represent? Using the 2000 Census numbers, there are 92,033 residents in Nevada County. 8,700 signatures represent 9 percent of the total population. Assuming each signature was from one of the 57,336 registered voters of Nevada County, then this is 15 percent of the registered voters of Nevada County. Clearly those signatures represent a minority of the residents of the county and the Board of Supervisors acted appropriately in listening to, but denying, their request. Drew Bedwell has used a campaign of misinformation and character assassination to try and win an election. Drew’s own words are Conklin’s best allies. Conklin’s integrity will shine above the mud. Sutherland tries to wrap herself in Old Glory complaining of a tattered flag on a Yes on 2020 sign. Is this really an issue? Both Sutherland and Bedwell seem to preach with one foot on the podium and the other in the gutter.

As far as Calvin Clark, is he one to accuse anyone of being an embarrassment to our county? Why does The Union give him front-page coverage? Look at what Izzy has done for the community. Compare that to Calvin. Is there really any question?

Finally, kudos to those brave individuals who stepped up and stopped the harassment of the visitors waiting at the bus stop. It is encouraging to have citizens amongst us willing to stop the racist element. I am confident the racists are in the minority and there are many citizens willing to initiate the same response to such a cowardly act.

Kenneth Jones

Nevada City

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