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Books for left-wingers

It is great to be a conservative

We have a duly elected president who stands head and shoulders above our previous president. Even before the Senate impeachment trial started, the Democrats agreed (in their usual bipartisan manner) that they would acquit Clinton even though they knew he had lied under oath, committed perjury and obstructed justice among other indiscretions. He never told people to lie, he just told them what to say if they were questioned.

Before every far-left-wing conspirator and some conservative (?) senators try to defend their actions in the impeachment trial, they should be required to read “Sell Out” by the chief investigative counsel for the Clinton Impeachment, David P. Schippers. I’m surely glad that Clinton “saved” the Constitution by being only the second president to be impeached.

These same far-left-wing conspirators should also read “At Any Cost” by Bill Sammons before complaining about the Florida vote count. Independent organizations completed the vote count that Gore wanted, and guess what? Bush’s lead increased!

Further required reading for the far- left wing conspirators are:

“Hell to Pay” by Barbara Olson

“The Case Against Hillary Clinton” by Peggy Noonan

“The Final Days” by Barbara Olson

Of course, these same far-left-wing conspirators only believe the liberal media and the Democrat leaders in Congress bipartisan (by their definition) Daschle and Gephardt.

I’m glad that the conservatives believe in God and that God blesses all Americans.

Edwin W. Johnson

Grass Valley

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