Bisnett’s at it again |

Bisnett’s at it again

Last week’s election was all about NH 2020. Conklin and Martin together received 40 percent of the votes. Sutherland, Antonson, Bedwell and finally Johnson came out strongly against NH 2020, and received 60 percent. In politics that’s a landslide. Mr. Bisnett calls the Board of Supervisors popular! He ignores the Feb. 21 poll, reporting the Board of Supervisors struggling with a 36 percent favorable opinion. These are embarrassingly low figures. Bisnett predicts that if we stop NH 2020, “thousands more acres of wetlands and blue oak woodlands will be bulldozed, before other laws can be properly enforced.” Is Mr. Bisnett finally telling the truth, that we are correct? NH 2020 will indeed inflict more laws, restrictions and regulations on private property owners and their legal land uses. However, don’t rely on too many of his predictions. Remember this one, “We are losing 20,000 species every year.” Sadly, he could not name any. Can’t even tell us who’s keeping count. And let’s not forget his absurd claim that coral reefs are dying from raising ocean temperature, and suggests the 400-year-old El Nino phenomena was created by the 100-year-old industrial revolution.

Bisnett continues the extreme green propaganda, claiming a mystical big developer and big landowners are funding the No on NH 2020 campaign. That is a lie! Citizen for Property Rights in Nevada County (CPR-INC) derives all of its money from citizens and property owners in Nevada County. Most of the donations are $25, some $50 and a few $100 and $500. Unlike the Sierra Business Council, which receives millions from the Packard Foundation.

More than 8,700 Nevada County registered voters signed a petition that the current Board of Supervisory dismissed with contempt. Last week 7,467 citizens voted for supervisor candidates who are against NH 2020. These are the people who want a fair and open process, with representation, not the stacked deck dealt to them by the current board and their special interests.

Dear readers, Bisnett is a member of the Community Advisory Committee for NH 2020. We hope he will continue to express his extreme views. It sure makes our job easier.

Bill Weismann

Citizens for Property Rights In Nevada County

Cedar Ridge

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