Big problems from rising immigration |

Big problems from rising immigration

The gutting of our immigration laws by the Democratic Party has opened a Pandora’s Box of problems for America.

Immigration, legal and illegal, has become astronomical. From 1915 to 1965, we averaged 220,000 per year. Today the growth rate is 3.3 million and climbing. Today our population is 291 million. By year 2050, it will be 500 million and, by year 2100, it will exceed one billion.

Some 86.7 percent of our population growth comes from foreign-born or their offspring. In California, aliens account for 100 percent of the growth. As the minorities move in, the Caucasians move out. They either move out of state or to less populated areas, such as Nevada County.

This massive amount of immigration is producing a mountain of unsolved problems. The cost to taxpayers is enormous. Our unemployment, energy, roads, schools, medical facilities, security from terrorism, tillable land, water, sewer, waste disposal, prisons, courts, and law enforcement are at a breaking point.

For the 10-year period from 1998 to 2007, immigration costs are expected to reach $932 billion. That’s an average of $93.2 billion per year. California’s share is $27 billion per year and rising. It would require a book to list all of the items covered by this tax burden. Federally mandated health care and education just for illegal immigrants cost $5 billion a year. Medicaid costs are $14.55 billion. Supplemental Social Security income costs $2.76 billion. Of this amount, 80 percent goes to immigrants. In 1989, New York City’s budget for tuberculosis was $2 million. In 1999, massive immigration drove the tuberculosis budget up to $50 million.

This massive immigration requires that in California, one new school must be constructed for each day of the year. Most immigrants cannot speak or read English, making schooling more time-consuming and expensive. Educating immigrants is double the cost of educating others. Money is not available to solve these problems.

The number of cars traveling our roads, highways and streets are exceeding their designed capacity. Traveling crowded roads takes longer, is more costly and results in costly accidents. Money is not available to solve these problems.

Immigrants in the United States sends $23 billion a year to their country of origin. This hurts our economy as it struggles to escape from recession.

Al-Qaida personnel have joined the Mexican Mafia. The Mexican Mafia has taken over the commercial production of marijuana in the United States. Most of this is marijuana grown on public lands.

Much concern has been expressed about our unemployment problem. This is a near impossible situation. U.S. industry is under attack by federal, state and local governments. It is beset by a constant increase in taxes and is hamstrung by new laws and regulations. Labor unions continue to press for even higher wags and increased benefits. Considering the immense number of jobs exported to other countries and the tremendous increase of the immigration labor force, it is almost impossible to improve the unemployment situation. Eliminating all immigration would be a tremendous start.

From 1970 to 1990, energy consumption increased by 24 percent; 93 percent was due to population growth. Today, energy production is in balance with energy consumption. Soon energy consumption will exceed production. Energy rationing and price increases are the way of the future. We currently pay out $41 billion more for imports than we receive in return for our exports each month. A large part of this money is spent on imported oil. Because of this, the dollar is dropping in value. At some future time, we will be financially at risk.

Past dry years required water rationing in many California cities to conserve the low water supply. Present growth will require water rationing for the whole state. In the U.S., underground aquifers are being drained 25 percent faster than they are being replenished.

The Mexican government solves their population problem by encouraging their citizens to move to the United States. Congress has continually passed laws that encourage immigrants to come. Plans are underway to raid the Social Security Trust Fund and pay billions to illegal Mexican immigrants. Another law being considered would require all radio and television stations to broadcast in Spanish.

The population explosion is the main cause of California’s budget problems. It is a prime cause of our unemployment problem. This growth has resulted in Gov. Davis being removed from office. The term “poetic justice” applies. The party responsible for causing the population explosion has ended up being overwhelmingly defeated at the polling booth.

Thomas Crosswhite lives in Grass Valley

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