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Beware of enviros’ junk science

Bill Thomas

The checks and balances of our Constitution were constructed so that no man or group could wield absolute power. Today the Endangered Species Act has bestowed absolute power to environmentalist preaching junk science (opinions without proof or peer review).

Take the case of an environmentalist lawsuit and court order denying 1,400 Klamath farms irrigation water under the pretext of protecting threatened fish. These elitists also wanted the government to buy the farmers’ land at a paltry $4,000 per acre. After the devastating damage had been done, the National Academies National Research Council conducted a peer review (requested by the administration). The Council concluded denying irrigation water to the farms could not be justified by any available science (www4.nationalacademies.org/news.nsf/isbn/0309083249?OpenDocument)!

And then there is the case of the seven U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service employees caught planting Canada lynx hairs in a national forests (enterstageright.com/archive/articles/1201/1201lynx.htm).

And then there is the National Marine Fisheries Service junk science which ordained “native” salmon protected, but not hatchery salmon. Oregon’s genocide of hatchery salmon kept the salmon on the threatened list, which empowers Oregon severe land use restrictions. A federal court put an end to this travesty by ruling that hatchery and native salmon are biologically indistinguishable (pacificlegal.org/index/alsea.htm).

And then there is Dr. Michael Soule’s (member of NH 2020’s Scientific Advisory Committee – SAC) Wildlands Project, which has gained wide support in eco circles. SAC Chairman Dr. Peter Brussard is one such supporter (libertyhaven.com/politicsandcurrentevents/environmentalismorconservation/ecofascism.shtml). Dr. Soule’s goal is to rewild (remove man) half the 48 states to head off mass extinction (sierratimes.com/archive/files/nov/28/arbc112801.htm.

For further information, please go to google.com and search for: soule rewilding.

Bill Thomas

Grass Valley


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