Belligerent measures are raw – wrong |

Belligerent measures are raw – wrong

War. Spell the word “war” backwards and you have the word “raw.” War is a punishment equivalent to some crimes. No medals will be awarded to soldiers who fight against an enemy attacked on the basis of a belligerent decision that would be raw, a wrong decision.

Murder has been equated with the act of killing during a war. Leaders on both sides use soldiers to kill. If killing people is equated with murder in all events of war, then who is responsible for the murders committed during the event of war? It would not be war, but raw to honestly conclude that both leaders in opposition are guilty of criminal acts equal to the punishment of war.

Who in this war against terrorism is guilty? Iraq is a target of war in the eyes of some political leaders today. Perhaps they are raw, wrong, belligerent in their decision-making process.

Justice must at times dictate that a human life be ended at the hand of another person in order that a punishment equivalent to the crime committed be rendered. Such a decision must be based neither on theory, nor speculation, nor uncertainties, but on evidence, so that our God-given gifts of both deductive and inductive reasoning have objects for attention.

War declared on the basis of no evidence is without reason, and that is raw, wrong, a belligerent decision. Remember: No medals awarded to heroes who act under the guidance of belligerent leaders. The following must be brought to justice: Those who have been proven guilty of terrorism at the site where once stood the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Punishment equal to the crimes committed must be rendered, such is the nature of war.

Who is the judge in this proposed war not against terrorism, but against violators of sanctions and of agreements within countries with sanctions against them, whose people traumatically suffer? One United States president defined the rules and established the sanctions. Two others continued support of these sanctions. Who is the judge in this proposed war against violators of such sanctions and of such international agreements? See Johnny hit Ali. See Ali hurt. See Ali hit Johnny. See Johnny hurt … ad infinitum. Saddam Hussein broke an agreement. What is the punishment equal to the alleged crime committed?

Murder has been equated with the act of killing during a war, true? False. Murder has been equated with the act of killing during a raw event when one or more leaders failed to act, failed to enforce the decision of a judge that measured a crime and chose a punishment equivalent to the crime committed by the convicted criminal, and made the basis of the decision on evidence, and sound beyond a reasonable doubt.

Such belligerent decisions are raw, wrong. When are the innocents recognized as guilty before the trial in America?

Krystian B. Hougesen of Grass Valley is a Gulf War veteran, and at the time of his honorable discharge he was Specialist, E-4, a terrain analysis paratrooper. He served under the 18th Airborne at Fort Bragg, N.C., and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

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