Bedwell’s bile poured on environmentalists |

Bedwell’s bile poured on environmentalists

One of the things that makes our American system of government work at all levels is that the sensible, moderate majority of citizens seldom allow extremists like Drew Bedwell to get their hands on the reins of political power. As a moderate, I find the paranoid rantings of Mr. Bedwell quite scary, given that he is a finalist candidate for county supervisor.

Case in point: Mr. Bedwell apparently believes all environmental groups are evil extremists engaged in a vast anti-American conspiracy. He has specifically attacked virtually every environmental group in the county. While rational citizens may differ in their support of the specific agendas of groups like South Yuba River Citizens League, Rural Quality Coalition, Friends of the Trails, Nevada County Land Trust, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and even the Audubon Society, most reasonable people agree that these organizations are sincerely trying to preserve various aspects of our environment that they see as important components in our quality of life (and sometimes, health). Didn’t most of us move into this area or stay here in large part because we love the local environment? Do we really want a county supervisor who views any of us who support any kind of environmental program as evil, deceitful, extremist and part of a United Nations conspiracy to take over Nevada County and the local school system? Do we really want a county leader who equates community service programs with Nazi Germany’s Hitler Youth Corps?

I’m not making this stuff up, folks! Mr. Bedwell’s extreme, irrational, divisive attitudes and positions have been extensively exposed in direct quotes in this newspaper, in his own letters to the editor, in his campaign speeches, on his Web sites, in interviews on the local radio and cable television channel, and before any group that will sit still long enough to let him pour out his bile. Check these sources yourself. I’m sure Mr. Bedwell will make many more paranoid, intolerant statements in the course of his campaign. And if he is elected, be afraid, be very afraid …

Richard Van Steenkiste

Grass Valley

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