Bedwell vs. Conklin |

Bedwell vs. Conklin

Many of the letters in regard to the current supervisor races ask the question, do we want to become another Sacramento, Bay Area, etc.? I’ve got news for them – in terms of traffic congestion we’re already there.

The current Board of Supervisors seems to take the position that if we don’t build it they won’t come. Well, “they” are already here in terms of traffic congestion.

Drew Bedwell, as an engineer, understands traffic planning and the necessary infrastructure of support it. He has pledged to improve the situation. If you think it needs improvement, vote for him on Nov. 5.

Scott Denham


In a world filled with corrupt officials who vote as they are told, in an election filled with aggressive attacks against him, Bruce Conklin has held to the high road. Standing by his principles, his intelligence, and his compassion, he has refused to lower himself to the level of his opponent.

Bruce Conklin represents all that an elected official should be. He is a rare breed: a politician to be proud of. At a crucial time when important decisions will preserve or destroy the quality life in his beautiful, rural county, I hope voters will keep Conklin in office.

Joan Buffington

Nevada City

I would like to place the responsibilities of county supervisors in perspective. While the hype is all about land use, the majority of the workload is management of operations. The nuts and bolts decisions are about traffic planning, road maintenance and departmental oversight.

It’s all about management. As an engineer by profession, Drew Bedwell has held senior management positions in large organizations with significant budget responsibilities. He would definitely get more mileage out of the budget than the present Board of Supervisors. Vote Bedwell Nov. 5.

Wade Freedle

Grass Valley

Drew Bedwell’s Oct. 16 full-page ad duplicitously asks, “Do you want a leader that wants to add to the traffic and congestion problem in Grass Valley?” This from the guy who wants to turn the Grass Valley/Nevada City area into another Roseville, severely increasing our traffic, congestion and pollution and destroying the rural character of the area. Bruce Conklin wants to prevent this.

Either Bedwell bumped his head and woke up thinking he’s Bruce Conklin, or he believes the voters are fools. Bruce Conklin is the clear choice for supervisor. Apparently even Bedwell thinks so.

Chad Hanson

Cedar Ridge

What’s happening to politeness and good manners in Nevada County? Drew Bedwell came to my home, handed me a flyer, and asked for my vote. I said, “No! I’ve heard some not very nice things about you.” One would think candidates would want to hear what was being said about them. But no, he rudely snatched the flyer back and said: “I don’t have to listen to this.” When a candidate refuses to listen before election, will he listen to voters after he’s elected?

Mary Hillerman

Grass Valley

I’d like to set the record straight on the property rights issue for the current election. It is not about the legitimate process of the county exercising its right to acquire property for public purposes through eminent domain.

No one is questioning that process. What is being questioned is the right of private property owners to use their land. Under the Conklin/Martin agenda, if an infestation of rats entered your home you wouldn’t call the exterminator – you would move out. Vote for Drew Bedwell Nov. 5.

Jean Marshall

Grass Valley

It will be interesting to watch Drew Bedwell’s transformation from activist to public official. Take the opportunity to meet him. He’s an intelligent, compassionate man, not the extremist that some try to make you believe.

Some of our greatest leaders – John Muir, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandella, Thomas Jefferson – were considered extremists before they made their transitions from activists to positive influences in our history.

Drew Bedwell has a positive vision that will mend the deep division that our current Board of Supervisors has created in our community and will bring back government by the people as our constitution intended.

Connie Moore

Chicago Park

I expect to see someone die of old age waiting to get onto one of Nevada County’s main streets someday. Traffic is a major problem in Nevada County. Here is why. In 1995 a comprehensive traffic improvement plan was adopted by the county to mitigate the gridlock that was developing at the time. To date, not a single major component of that plan has been implemented by the current Board of Supervisors.

If we ever want to see the open road again, we should vote for Drew Bedwell for supervisor.

Luarie Penham


For me, a decision in this election is really simple. The facts clearly show Supervisor Bruce Conklin has worked hard – and successfully – to protect our children, our seniors, our neighborhoods, our air and water quality, and the rural small-town character we all love.

On the other hand, candidate Drew Bedwell and his United Nations conspiracy, anti-environment, let’s build everywhere attitude is scary.

We can’t afford to have ” one-issue Drew” representing the people of Nevada County. We need representatives with vision, proven experience, and a positive attitude. We need Bruce Conklin.

Nancy Moss

Grass Valley

It was quite surprising to hear Drew Bedwell on KNCO stating his case on Measure D. He stated that even if the measure fails at the polls, he would work to put it in place anyway. One of his strongest criticisms of the current board is that they promote their personal agendas, not the will of the people, yet he assured us during the debate that he will do exactly that!

It would appear that Mr. Bedwell is more interested in promoting the will of his out-of- county supporters than he is in his new, adopted community.

Janice Rosner

Grass Valley

I was amazed to hear on the radio (KVMR) that Drew Bedwell refuses to talk or answer questions from announcers on that station, which represents a portion of our community. Is Bedwell scared of the truth? How is he able to serve the community if he is not willing to listen to all the people who make up the community? Listening and discussing everyone’s needs is vital for a peaceful, harmonious and economical existence.

Gabriel Liebovitz

Nevada City

Drew says he’s my “voice.” Nope. Name-calling and plain misrepresentation of facts, though certainly effective in creating a false crisis, are not the voice of responsible leadership. He looks for problems, finding them everywhere, diagnosing them as conspiracies, and suggesting unstable solutions (when he suggests any remedies at all). Such words only incite fear, increasing confusion and divisiveness. Instead I let the improvements in County services that were made possible by the fiscal responsibility of the current Board speak for me. This is action demonstrating good management and problem-solving skills, not cheap talk.

Shirley Benedick

Grass Valley

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