Be aware, and beware of, the ‘Bush Doctrine’ |

Be aware, and beware of, the ‘Bush Doctrine’

The Bush Doctrine: World dominance, first-strike nuclear attacks, unilateral decisions. Congress, giving permission to the “President” to take military action against any country for any reason, without ever consulting them again. To “protect” the American people? No! To further geopolitical ambition, to eliminate global cooperation and world peace, perhaps forever.

We see classic diversionary projections: It is Saddam Hussein who is embodying these evil inclinations. Iraq, severely weakened by the brutal Gulf War (250,000 Iraqi casualties never glimpsed on U. S. television), ongoing bombing raids, 12 years of genocidal sanctions which have killed 1.5 million civilians, half of them children – this country is threatening the world? Rather, Iraq is an obstacle for the U. S. war administration that wants to lock down the oil reserves in the Middle East and achieve a strategic foothold to threaten China.

The two latest assertions: Saddam Hussein has nuclear capabilities, and Tony Blair has the “proof.” When this claim is investigated through the Atomic Energy Commission, it is discovered that it was made 12 years ago, before Iraq was bombed to smithereens. And the ultimate accusation: somehow it can be shown that Iraq is a haven and training center for al Qaeda.

Well, there is considerably more evidence that the United States has trained and harbored terrorists through its close alliance with Pakistan’s Military Intelligence (ISI) who funds and supports with enormous CIA backing, Al Qaeda and other extremist organizations. But Pakistan is our ally in the “war against terror.” So where is all this violence coming from? It’s hard to forget Pogo’s somber pronouncement decades ago: We have met the enemy, and it is us.

The U. S. war administration has created the Office of Global Communications, with an initial infusion of $200 million, to “sell the war” to the world. This is pure propaganda to deceive the American people to support global policies that they would drop like radioactive hot potatoes if they knew the facts. But facts don’t propel people into hate, killing and war, so they must be suppressed and destroyed by all means necessary.

Harriett Fels

Nevada City

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