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Ballot measures

Editorial, “Measure D won’t solve problems.” True because we still have “employees” who violate state land laws.

When told of a state law, several county department heads said, “If you don’t like us violating state law, go get an attorney.” So all the laws on the books won’t help until “employees” like the county of Nevada keeps on the payroll abide by the law.

Read Section 11538.2 of the 1972 State Subdivision Map Act and see what the county does not do. Ask all the people on Capitol Drive whose property is in violation. Buy in Nevada County and get the shaft.

Fred Hoffmeyer

Grass Valley

We are part of the majority of voters who are either renters or own 10 acres or less of property. I don’t believe that our group has meaningful problems in developing its land. The result of passing Measure D would be that this majority would get no benefit, but would have our tax dollars spent on legal battles with developers or compensating developers. While the county planning process may need a little tuneup, Measure D is akin to using an atomic bomb to swat a fly; the majority of us will be hit by the fallout.

Kent Treiber

Nevada City

On the 1997 ballot, Measure I proposed a 10-year plan that would provide essentially the same benefits and cure a variety of ills which were very similar to those outlined in Measure G. Offered as a “10-year plan,” Measure I allowed for voter review at the end of that decade. Well, Measure G is about five years earlier than expected, and it doesn’t include a sunset clause. If the 10-year plan proposed with Measure I has faded into oblivion within five years, how are we to accept the “plan” for Measure G as credible?

George Hicks

Grass Valley

The Union recently stated that Measure D “could cripple the county’s ability to make good land-use decisions.”

I agree, but I disagree with the newspaper’s analysis of why citizens put this initiative on the ballot. The paper assumed that the property rights of citizens have been violated.

However I went to a Measure D debate, and the pro-D speaker was unable to site a single incident. Dick Tracy says his rights were violated, but that does not make it true.

Proponents of Measure D appeal to people’s fears. They tell people their land is in danger, but it is not.

Dean Williams

Grass Valley

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