Argument for attack just doesn’t hold water |

Argument for attack just doesn’t hold water

If Saddam Hussein were able to make nuclear weapons, why in the world would he choose to lob one in our direction? Why do we assume he isn’t rational?

I have been reading about this creep in Amnesty International for years, even when he was our darling and we were supporting him. The (unexamined) assumption is that if he gets his hands on very powerful weapons he will use them on us. Our archenemies for the last 40 years were armed to the teeth with these weapons, and never did the Soviet Union ( or anyone else) dare to attack us. I wonder why they didn’t, and I think I know why – it would have been suicidal.

Saddam Hussein has demonstrated an extreme allergy to self-sacrifice, and an amazing ability to keep himself alive, and I see absolutely no indication that he’s suddenly and inexplicably become suicidal. The premise for W’s war with Iraq is that if he has a nuclear bomb, he will either give it away to a bunch of lunatics to do with as they choose, or that he will use it himself on us. Bunk.

The premise of the administration’s argument to attack Iraq is the “rogue nations” theory, a theory which disregards all consideration of what motivates human and international behavior, which doesn’t make any sense. It is interesting that the term, “suicidal nations” wasn’t used, because anyone can see Saddam isn’t suicidal.

So my question is: Why do people accept this as a truth? Why do Americans buy it? It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me. Because from this premise arises the necessity to attack Iraq, and I’m sorry, but it doesn’t hold water.

There are myriad other reasons for not going to Iraq: the economy will be in shambles, the alliance against terrorism will be a wreck, many American and innocent Iraqi lives will be snuffed, it will cost a fortune, and what the rest of the world thinks does make a difference.

Len Brackett

Nevada City

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