Are we ready? |

Are we ready?

Regarding Rick Silberman’s column on the apparent lack of advanced galactic life, consider the following:

Earth is located in a remote area of one of the spirals of our galaxy, so we are “in the boondocks” and unlikely to be near any likely trade route.

Recent scientific observations of nearby star systems indicate that “earth type” planets appear to be the exception rather than the rule.

Scientists have created a formula for calculating the likelihood of a mature civilization capable of space travel and have assumed that a civilization would have to survive 10 thousand years to be considered viable.

We are barely into the first few hundred years of a technologically advanced civilization and we still have a child-like, “caveman” ethos. We superstitiously believe in things that cannot be proven or observed. We often take what we want rather than negotiate fairly and equitably. We use things with little care for consequence or the future. We avoid cleaning up our messes. We interact on a one-upmanship rather than a partnership basis. We disparage diversity rather than welcome it. We resist taking responsibility for our actions.

Is wisdom lagging technology?

Where will we be in 10 thousand years?

Terry Lamphier

Grass Valley

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