Arab League members fearful of democracy |

Arab League members fearful of democracy

Why was the 22-member Arab League unanimous in declaring their “total rejection of the threat of aggression on Arab nations, especially Iraq.” Why would they show unanimous support for a regime many of them fear and dislike, a regime that has invaded two of its neighbors?

There are a number of reasons:

1. When we eliminate Saddam Hussein, we will set up a representative democracy in Iraq. Given that virtually every Arab state is a dictatorship, a democratic government in their midst would be a very bad example for their down-trodden people. These people would want democracy, too, and there would probably be armed rebellion against a number of the dictators.

2. The new democratic government of Iraq would probably be very favorably disposed toward their liberators, the U.S., and we would probably have a strong say in where Iraq went. This could upset the whole OPEC apple cart and push the Saudis out of control of world oil prices. The Saudis, sitting atop 26 percent of the current known oil reserves, can now play the role of the bully. But if Iraq, sitting on top of the second largest oil reserve (11 percent) were free to sell all its oil – and to whomever it wanted – there would be a significant drop in sales and income for other oil producers to find the money to support both the gross giveaways to their citizens and their repressive armies and police. So, there are good reasons why the Arab League voted unanimously against aggression on Iraq. There’s several things that can happen to these dictatorships – and none of them good, from their view point.

Dick Phillips

Alta Sierra

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