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Apologize for Banister article

I am a reader of your Wednesday and weekend edition news. I purchased your weekend edition on Feb. 3. The front page article entitled “Thorpe received medical marijuana” hit me like a sucker punch in the belly.

My question is this: What is the purpose and intent of writing a story of this nature?

It is as though Doug Mattson is intending to make Dr. Banister a complicitor with Thorpe in his murderous rampage.

I could go into a drawn-out analysis of this article but I won’t.

But what I do want to know is, who are you trying to impress? What segment of our community are you attempting to please?

Virtually every single person with whom I have discussed this article is appalled at its content. And then you have the photos of Thorpe and Dr. Banister lined up together on the front page like criminal mug shots.

Aren’t we Americans as a people having enough trouble with the way world events have fallen out lately? Do you have to assassinate a man’s character and do damage to his livelihood because he is following his convictions on how to minister to the needs of the chronically ill?

The people of the state of California have expressed their opinion and had it put into law. The studies are in; marijuana is a benign drug with few negative side effects. That’s more than can be said of many FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.

Neither I nor my friends nor acquaintances and whoever else’s ear I can bend will purchase another The Union newspaper until a retraction and apology of some sort is made to Dr. Banister.

I have known Dr. Banister for five years. From my careful observation over time I have found him to be a true-to-the-Hippocratic-oath doctor. Dr. Banister embodies the obligations of a caring physician who has stuck his neck out more than once to help his patients. He has done no harm!

This is no honorable thing that your newspaper has done.

Chris McKennee

Grass Valley

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