Antonson’s critics using scare tactics |

Antonson’s critics using scare tactics

Rene Antonson’s announcement as a write-in candidate sure has Robin Sutherland’s supporters in an uproar. Judging by the letters I’ve seen, Rene has become more of a target than Izzy.

I’ve noticed in some of the letters the claim is made that Robin isn’t involved with special interests. Oh really? Don’t two special interest groups, CABPRO and CPR, support her politically and financially? Wasn’t it CABPRO that “found” Robin and coached her as their candidate? Didn’t CPR’s July newsletter solicit donations on Robin’s behalf? Didn’t CABPRO pay the tuition so Robin could attend “candidates school?” Didn’t CPR create a new political action committee just for Robin’s campaign? If that’s not special interest involvement, tell me what is.

CABPRO and CPR have made it clear that they want control of the Board of Supervisors. They want Sutherland, Bedwell, and Horne calling the shots. Nothing would make them happier. Problem is Rene’s getting in the way.

That’s why they’ve resorted to lies and personal attacks in their attempt to deceive the voters. They hope calling Rene a racist, a liberal, or anything else they can think up will sway the voters. They’ve sunk to the lowest level of dirty politics to win at any cost. They’ve even enlisted the help of a Chico based political activist, one of the dirtiest in California, to write letters smearing Rene’s character. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

It’s all about power and control. These people really don’t care about Nevada County. If they did, they’d be supporting a candidate with experience, knowledge, and a record of getting things done with the best interests of the people at heart. They’re only in it for what they can get for themselves and their friends and Robin’s a big part of their plan.

So next time you read one of those letters accusing Rene of being a racist or making secret deals with Izzy, remember why they’re saying it. They’re scared to death that you, the voters, will see the truth.

Please remember to write-in Rene Antonson on your ballot Nov. 7.

Regina Gates

Grass Valley

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