Antonson, Martin and Sutherland |

Antonson, Martin and Sutherland

Elizabeth (Izzy) Martin, plain and simple, is an outstanding person and supervisor. I say this because I’ve seen her in action both out in the community and one on one with people. She is respectful of others and truly listens, no matter what their point of view. She helped our community handle and heal from the horrific events of Jan. 10, 2000. She’s worked doggedly to help improve our county mental health system in order to help prevent similar needless tragedies. Izzy is compassionate, resourceful, takes initiative, and does the right thing.

She runs a clean, honest campaign. Vote Izzy.

Anje Waters



Vote for Robin. She’s honest, no axes to grind, fresh citizen’s approach. Izzy seems separate, and that’s why we mistrust her: too much one-sided extremism. Robin has a high priority for public safety, works with and supports public schools and their children. She has excellent credibility. She supports private property rights; she is for affordable housing. Robin has been endorsed by CDF Firefighters and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Robin is intelligent, experienced in various facets of government, and won’t tolerate the expenditure of our county funds on unnecessary, overpaid executives or out-of-county retreats. I vote, you vote for Robin.



Penn Valley

There are only two legitimate candidates for District 4 supervisor – Izzy Martin and Rene Antonson. Robin Sutherland has proven to be a lackey of the Republican Party as evidenced by the ridiculous mailings and ads from Doolittle and endorsements by Aanested, Oller and, yes, even the questionable support from the CDF and the Deputy Sheriffs Association.

We do not need a totally inexperienced pawn of forces trying to steer our destiny toward the fate of our adjacent mismanaged and overbuilt counties! Look at the record and vote for Izzy, a proven achiever; or for a fine Republican, Rene Antonson.

Don Jones

Penn Valley

A well-orchestrated letter to the editor program by Izzy Martin supporters lavishes her with accolades, plaudits and praise about what a wonderful person, wife and farmer she is. Putting her on a pedestal makes you wonder if she is running for supervisor or sainthood!

Robin Sutherland deals with issues, with no personal agenda, and will work for us instead of special-interest groups. Robin will bring trust and credibility back to the board. She will work hard to mend the polarization created by Izzy Martin. Robin is very capable and knowledgeable, addressing all the issues. Vote for Robin Sutherland.

Al Walti

Penn Valley

Izzy claims she will maintain our rural lifestyle, while Robin favors developers.

Then why does Izzy promote smaller parking spaces and “smart growth”- high-density development, in order to leave other land unused? Developers, not rural residents, champion small parking spaces and density. Why did she vote to limit wood stoves?

Environmental dogma holds that wood stoves pollute, density and marginal parking forces people onto public transit, and rural living promotes automobiles and diminishes open space. Izzy praises rural life, but uses her power to curtail it.

Robin Sutherland supports our lifestyle, not the environmental agenda. She has my vote.

Doug Donesky

Nevada City

Robin claims the Board of Supervisors bypassed our state representatives during the wild and scenic campaign. In fact, they were asked first and refused to help. Robin thinks future water needs could be met by damming the South Yuba, but the studies show there is no cost-effective dam site. Had Robin attended a board meeting or two, she’d know Izzy worked tirelessly to help solve the Wildwood dredging and sewage problems and save Englebright (and Izzy is endorsed by Englebright marina owner Dave Munro). Izzy knows the issues and works hard to find solutions. Robin is confused by the facts.



Nevada City

It makes me sad when the political signs go up and the trite phrases get thrown about, because I know that many (if not most) people will make their decisions based on these. Phrases like: “Too many regulations,” “Will listen,” “For/against 2020,” “Will work for you,” etc. But now we have an even worse situation. A totally unqualified and inexperienced candidate is running against the incumbent District 4 supervisor, Elizabeth Martin. “Izzy” has demonstrated knowledge, leadership, ethics, financial wisdom, ability to deal with complex issues, and a strong dedication to her job.

Ed Patterson

Penn Valley

We need sensible, collaborating supervisors, not rabble-rousers backed by CABPRO. Sutherland and Bedwell endorse Measure D, an attempt to dupe homeowners into compensating large developers when we decline their projects. Sutherland voted here only once and can’t even manage her own taxes. Bedwell’s handlers won’t let him debate Conklin, where one pointed question could destroy their facade, revealing a man who hears the flutter of U.N. helicopters invading Nevada County. Even the NU student who interviewed Bedwell realized “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Let’s get serious and elect supervisors who are up to the task: Martin and Conklin.



Nevada City

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