Another view of Bush inauguration |

Another view of Bush inauguration

There is nothing wrong with idealistic speeches if you are honest in your beliefs and back up what you say. The Inauguration Day speech was a “Job well done.” The Democratic Party and its sympathizers just don’t get it. They lost the election and now we must listen to why we the uninformed neo-conservatives who can be easily manipulated caused this defeat.

We don’t understand history, we don’t understand democracy and we don’t understand what President Bush is doing to our nation. What we do understand is arrogance.

Those who can’t accept the fact that President Bush was elected for a second term will continue their tirades, but might try to be a bit more realistic concerning the lost election. Instead of treating us as the great unwashed who don’t understand a complex issue such as Democracy; they should ask themselves why a majority of the voting American public wanted President Bush for a second term.

American voters understand a man who has convictions and doesn’t change his mind based on polls. One of our local columnists speaking of democracy felt, “Bush has wrapped himself with it.”

He goes on to state that the television media is controlled by a small handful of people. The inference seems to be that the conservatives have the edge in this department. He apparently hasn’t heard of “Rather Gate” listened to CNN, CBS or ABC. He hasn’t looked at “Hollywood” or how conservatism is dismissed by this group. He must think that George Soros and Michael Moore with the millions they spent were a nonentity as far as media presentations.

Military action should be a last resort, but for a columnist to refer to a Woodrow Wilson speech after World War I and infer that this idealistic speech failed to make the world safe for democracy fails to mention the League of Nations as a real culprit in this failure. History may be warning us concerning our own U.N. The U.N. is proving to be less than perfect.

Diplomacy certainly is the preferred solution but with North Korea, Iran and Syria, all in the news and not listening to their neighbors, we will be faced with some hard decisions. Hopefully diplomacy will be the logical approach. However, we shouldn’t wait for a “dirty bomb” on our own soil to face realities.

The columnist seems to feel that most religious movements lack independent critical thinking and rationality. History does not support this view. Many religious organizations have been supportive of many rational views and have criticized some of their past actions.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to discuss any of this with one who simply label other points of view as being irrational or utilizes mass labeling “most.”

That’s like saying all conservatives or liberals believe in a complete party line and are not critical thinkers. Should this be qualified with the word “most?” We do agree that war is the last alternative and only used as a last resort. History will show that a cruel despotic regime was removed. It will also show that other regimes are noting that the support of terrorism will not be tolerated.

Those who think that it is an “Oil War” are missing the point. What would have happened if Ronald Reagan had not faced up to Russia or President Kennedy had not faced up to Cuba in the missile crisis? Compare this with what has happened starting in President Carter’s administration and continued into the Clinton administration. Lack of action only increased terrorist actions.

The liberal view appears to state that continuing small terrorist actions are not a threat and not subject to pre-emptive actions. This led to 9/11. What did history tell us prior to WWI and II.

Things might have changed with 9/11, but despite trying to work with the U.N., multiple provocations by Saddam and bad intelligence from other nations as well as our own, it is still labeled by “the elite” as a “Bush Oil War.” True weapons of mass destruction have not been found in Iraq. Are they in Syria with some of the Bathist elite who are supporting the insurgents in Iraq? This question has not been answered. If these weapons did not exist or are still not hidden in Iraq, why did the Iraq elite guard have gas masks?

We can spend a lot of time criticizing past policies but it would be nice to move forward with some new options and plans for the future. Social Security seems to be an issue that Democrats seem unwilling to even discuss. Nancy Pelossi drew a line in the sand over this issue.

The use of “tort laws” is out of control Let’s limit these huge awards. It would be nice if judges could just interpret law and not become “legislators.” It would be nice if both parties would stop wasteful spending and the “pork” in politics. Room for improvement in both parties? You bet!

The local columnist is right on with his views on money and political candidates. Electioneering should be limited both in time and money. Too many good candidates are eliminated because they are not millionaires or party insiders.

The election is over. Compare the inaugural speech with the comments by Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Ted Kennedy and other Democratic operatives, and one wonders whether they will begin to realize that ridicule and personal attacks can’t match a person with integrity and core values. The danger is that destructive personal attacks with no room for negotiation sets a less than positive approach for compromise by either side.

Will the real Democratic Party please stand up!


John A. Howard received a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University in 1952, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, held sales management positions in the private sector with IBM and Xerox, and was one of the founders of a systems consulting firm.

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