Angry thoughts fall away |

Angry thoughts fall away

As a seeker of happiness, understanding and friendship – as a reader of the book “A Course in Miracles” – I find Jesus’s spoken word found within those pages helpful, gently guiding the student to more easily grasp our true purpose here. Importantly, without effort involved, one notices old thoughts once harboring judgment and attack, worry and fear, are now simply falling away, no longer needed, nor useful. The student, now more aware, sees so many still enveloped in fear, outwardly expressing that fear through the many forms of attack; little aware that the common fear motivating world perspective and its plentiful knee-jerk combative result has an easy cure. The result of all unhappiness is fear; the resultant consequences are legion. Review humankind’s history, which continues today.

Still we are taught that like our source we are eternal, and needn’t be afraid. We are given the Christ crucifixion as an example that God’s son cannot be killed, no matter how horrific the appearance. We are as Jesus is – all God’s children. God (Love) is not cruel, harm is not possible; death, although appearing real to worldly eyes, is and has to be an illusion. Death remains the concept of esteem for those believing us only a body, one day to die, the joke of a mean God. Long much stature is given this belief that all we are is fragile, temporary, just dust returning to dust.

Advancing students soon learn the way to grasp the hard-to-grasp is always easier as we allow gentleness control all our decision making; and as we become more guided by gentleness, we remember all thoughts of attack come from defensiveness. defensiveness being only a reaction of those forgetful of what we really are; need not be resisted, rather as we see those keen to attack, argue and make others wrong – those desiring a more Christ-like experience need only remember the perfection given – always here, never lost, always true – is best learned, shared and experienced by those ones glad to have this life, this opportunity to radiate happiness in whatever we do, teaching and learning by example, as we remember all is truly well.

Alan Vivanco

Grass Valley

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