America must become a decent country once again |

America must become a decent country once again

Did you ever notice that so much of what we were taught was right, in our formative years, is now considered wrong? What once was good became bad. What once was unthinkable became acceptable. Decency is outmoded; do whatever you are man enough to do. If someone from the distant past tries to stop you, sue them. Didn’t you always want to get your name in the paper, plus win a lot of money? Never mind if the other guy is right; what does that have to do with it?

They don’t make movies anymore, they make “films.” And the censors simply must be either asleep, drunk, or dead. Or out trying some of the aberrations they have learned from films. Language is now 85 percent filthy and 10 percent acceptable. The other 5 percent? No one can understand them, but to be on the safe side, put them down as filthy, too.

The action in these films is appalling – nudity, sex scenes, bestiality – you name it, it’s there. Television is no better, or not much, anyway. Our children have some fine role models – villains, homosexuals, lesbians, undecideds, filth-spouting young people, and so on and on ad nauseam.

So, read a good book instead, right? For good book substitute old book. Many of the new ones are as bad as the TV or films. Even newspapers are letting down barriers established before we were born. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Girls are trying to get into the Boy Scouts, as are homosexuals; we now have female fighter pilots and stock car racers, “househusbands,” priests who are a study in licentiousness, and the list goes on. We have even had U.S. presidents with the morals of an alley cat, or who were biased, lying crooks since before they even took office.

Honest politicians (is there such a thing?) are afraid to speak out anymore, for fear of the media and/or public opinion. They are told, “We don’t care how you feel, you just can’t say things that make sense anymore.” The American tradition of speaking ones’ mind has become almost criminal now. Telling the truth? What’s the truth got to do with anything? The moral code? Isn’t that the indecipherable code on the side of mayonnaise jars? Never mind morals, just be politically correct, or else.

I truly fear for my grandchildren. I know that my children have brought them up properly; maybe they even learned something from the old man. My kids were reasonably strict with their own children and have taught them well. Still, I think I would hate to be a young person right now. What are they to think of the world they see around them? Is this the heritage we have left them? I can only pray that the love of God which they have had instilled in them will never waver or diminish.

It this seems a gloomy story, I guess it is, though I much prefer the word realistic. I am not a prophet of doom; I still love our country, and would go to war again for it. Yet, we cannot close our eyes to the deterioration of moral values, nor can we shake our heads and think it inevitable. There is always hope, and even one small cry for truth is a cry for betterment. We must fight the good fight and settle for nothing less than a decent, moral country again. Whether we begin at the top or bottom, the key word is begin. I am neither religious nut nor crusader, nor have any desire to be. Still, if my little voice will make one iota of difference, I will be heard.

I am ashamed to say that in times of discouragement, I have looked around me and almost wished I had been killed in Korea. Yet, a still, small voice inside insists, “Where there is life there is hope. By the grace of God, you are alive. Now don’t waste time groaning; make it count for something!” That I will try to do. Won’t you join me?

Walt Lawson lives in Grass Valley.

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