Affordable housing NOT a handout! |

Affordable housing NOT a handout!

Sermonizing that affordable housing is a hand-out and moralizing that if you don’t work for it, you don’t deserve it is an insult to all the hardworking folks in Nevada County who have lived here long enough to see “affordable housing” go from $80,000 in the 1980s to a median cost of $260,000 in 2002.

With per-capita income at $26,000 a year (many working more than one job), there are not a lot of reasonable and affordable options for renting a home, much less buying one for folks who have lived here much of their lives.

There is a dedicated coalition of local government, local business, and concerned citizens who are working to create work force housing opportunities, not hand-outs, so our clerks, waitresses, bus drivers, service workers, police and fire personnel, and any other working person can realize the American dream. To insinuate that these projects are welfare is an affront to those involved in all aspects of addressing this issue.

“They” who cannot afford housing are residents and neighbors who have worked and contributed for years to making this a wonderful community to live in. I fear that our small-town/rural quality of life is threatened not so much by more development, but by the immigration of individuals from large urban areas who have no connection to the realities and roots of our community and want to change it to fit their philosophy of how things ought to be and what merits the right to have a home here.

Susan Healy-Harman

Grass Valley

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