Affordable housing? Manufactured homes |

Affordable housing? Manufactured homes

Offering affordable housing is a recurring theme on the list of Nevada County’s problems. Where can teachers, firemen, cooks, clerks, etc., live in this county that is decent and reasonable in cost?

Well, look no more. Just check out the cover story in the San Francisco Chronicle’s real estate section on Sunday, Aug. 11. There you will see very nice, family-sized housing available on a near instant basis for super discount prices. The story is about manufactured homes. These well-made homes can be assembled on a lot for $60 to $75 per square foot (comparable built-on-site homes are $80 to $120 per square foot and up).

Further, once the site is prepared, they can be built in less than two weeks. And we’re not talkin’ an old fashioned “trailer park.” These are stylish homes of 2,000 or 3,000 square feet, with 2 x 6 construction (and associated excellent insulation), concrete composite fire-resistant siding, vaulted ceilings and other upscale amenities.

Picture this real, can-do-it-now event in this area:

— The supervisors select a nice, but not fancy (read: inexpensive land costs), residential area where nice people with nice families can live comfortably.

— The houses are built on compact lots to avoid “urban sprawl.”

— Foundations are put in place in a few weeks.

— The homes are brought in and ready for occupation a week or two after that.

The net is that if the powers that be really want to provide or facilitate real affordable housing to buy or rent, in a very short time, the process is in place. All that it takes to have it happen is to “just do it!”

D. B. Cameron

Nevada City

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