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About war and problems with Iraq

Stop the war in your heart, first

I saw a woman standing over by KMart holding a sign that said “Stop the War in Iraq.” I said to her,”You don’t understand. You must stop the war in your own heart before you can stop anything.”

People who protest are in denial of their own anger.They think they are justifying their own problems by accusing someone else, as if they had done something about it by protesting. They don’t know that we all have to change the inside before we can change the outside.

Robin McBlair

Grass Valley

History tells us that going to

war will only increase violence

If I am not mistaken, our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal. If this is true, then why do many Americans ignore the fact that many thousands of Iraqis and American military personnel will die? Are these people not as “valuable” as those who contribute to the faceless corporate giants who control our media, our government and therefore our outlook? This war will not end terrorism. It will make it much worse. By CIA estimates, terror will increase by over 90 percent.

As the faces of the Middle East have veils of ignorance over their eyes, so, too, do ours. We are led to believe that Iraqis are waiting with bouquets and fruit baskets when, in fact, they are fearing for their lives. Everyone is ignorant in their own fashion. Our leaders are most certainly so.

They seek power. Power is money. And yes, folks, our current leaders have supported the slaughtering of thousands of innocent people to make our lives, and subsequently theirs, much better. There is but a small difference between our leaders and those we criticize. Our leaders oppress those outside the loop, while keeping those of us who support them fat and happy. In that sense, they govern with the elegance and grace of prohibition-era gangsters.

I encourage all readers to research the past business of our second man, Cheney. Cheney has a vested interest in war. Companies he has been at the top of have massive contracts with the U. S. military. And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Junior licking his chops after a scrumptious crude oil sundae. Don’t get me wrong, I love America. And in doing so, I realize that George Bush contradicts the basic values of our forefathers every day. I also realize that Saddam is a horribly evil man. But how can we commit an action that may begin WWIII without reading between every line, looking around every corner, and examining every piece of evidence? Anyone who thinks preemptive violence ever solved anything should stop watching “Survivor” and start reading a history book.

Jesse Hoffmann

Grass Valley

A world free of nuclear weapons is necessary and possible

The CIA says a war on Iraq will make terrorism more likely, not less. The White House withheld news of the North Korean nuclear threat until after the war vote on Iraq. The D.C. sniper and the villain who killed several people with anthrax are still at large. Osama bin Laden has not been found. Americans may be puzzled that the United States is preparing to attack Iraq, which doesn’t have nuclear weapons, even as we discover that North Korea may have them. One thing is clear: even if we defeat and occupy Iraq, we will have done little to slow the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Indeed we may accelerate it, as other countries see that once they actually have nuclear weapons (like North Korea) they will be less likely to come under American attack.

Though the Bush Administration says that critics of war want to”do nothing,” the reverse is true. This Administration has done less than nothing on the one track that could reduce this global danger. It has renounced, scuttled or threatened virtually every significant arms control agreement, including the verification protocol of the Biological Weapons Convention, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and the Outer Space Treaty. These treaties represent years of work and wisdom by presidents of both parties.

America has a choice. President Bush – as outlined in his National Security Strategy – wants to give up on global efforts to limit nuclear and biological proliferation and attack potential enemies one by one. (That’s called “counter-proliferation.”) On this path, war with Iraq may be only the first of a series of American attacks. Other possibilities include war with Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, and even China. Or, we can recognize that only comprehensive limits will have the legitimacy to win the global support they need to be effective.

As many experts, including former Strategic Air Command commander General Lee Butler, have recognized, another world – free of nuclear weapons – is both necessary and possible. Citizens who recognize that should use the mid-term elections as a referendum on Mr. Bush’s futile and dangerous strategy.

Thane Keith

Grass Valley

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