About the upcoming elections in the county … | TheUnion.com

About the upcoming elections in the county …

Martin claims to be an outstanding supervisor.

Then why have the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and CDF Firefighter Association endorsed her opponent Robin Sutherland? Why do the vast majority of current and past Lake Wildwood board of directors’ members support Robin Sutherland and not Izzy Martin? Why do the vast majority of Lake Wildwood Citizens of the Year endorse Izzy’s opponent, Robin Sutherland?

Obviously, these people do not feel Izzy Martin has accomplished what she claims to have done, taking personal credit for virtually everything.

Robin Sutherland, with credibility, integrity, humility and experience, is the obvious choice for District 4 supervisor.

Wally Bracken

Penn Valley

It appears that our county has been run by Izzy Martin and that she has been run by big-money influences from outside our county. She brought in professors from the socialist think tanks of Berkeley and Mills College to rig NH2020. She has been the front person for the over-controlling Packard Foundation and she has big-time friends at the Sacramento News and Review (a newspaper that most Nevada County residents would rather stay away from).

Where do you think a poor farmer got $161,000 to run for supervisor?

Experience at taking our property rights!

Vote Martin and friends out!

Neil Christal

Rough and Ready

The bureaucrats who are terrified of Measure D, the property rights initiative, say it will create more bureaucracy. Read the initiative, people: It says the supervisors will be in charge of setting up the machinery. They will decide who big it will be. And tell me, when is the last time you heard government being scared of becoming too big? Vote for Measure D.



Grass Valley

As a volunteer firefighter, I want to recommend the candidates Martin Light and Frank Peter for the North San Juan Fire District board of directors. They will listen to and actively support the volunteer firefighters of this district.

The present board and Boyd Johnson with his political machine are not doing so. Please support your volunteer firefighters and vote for Martin Light and Frank Peter. They are honest and have not resorted to the mudslinging and innuendo that their opponents did at the candidates’ night on Monday, 10/14.

Bill Vomacka

North San Juan

Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee adopted resolutions opposing Measure D. They reviewed reports on potential financial and land use-planning impacts, possible reductions to public safety, loss of critical county services to the cities and said, “No on Measure D.”

The Union newspaper opposes Measure D, stating it “could cripple the county’s ability to make good land-use decisions.”

The Grass Valley City Council adopted Resolution 02-74 stating, “Now, therefore, be it resolved that the City Council for the City of Grass Valley opposes Measure D.”

Vote No on Measure D; it’s bad for the county and our cities too.

Steve Enos,


Grass Valley

The Nevada County Republican Central Committee has insulted my intelligence for the last time! I’m a fourth-generation Orange County Barry Goldwater Republican, but now have re-registered “Decline to State.” With the exception of Keith Royal, you have failed to endorse anyone but pro-development lackeys in the 18 years I’ve been here. Now you expect local Republicans to support your uninformed carpetbagger and your single-issue demagogue for supervisors. The job demands people with fiscal responsibility and the ability to lead, not your CABPRO Howdy Doodys crying black helicopters or preaching property rights while taking land for a living. Get real!

Terry Haines

Nevada City

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