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About the recent election …

Martin will be on ballot again in the future

Bob Dylan has a line in one of his many masterful lyrics. “Money doesn’t talk. It swears. Obscenity, who really cares?”

Our recent Board of Supervisors election surely reflects this reality.

I look forward to seeing Elizabeth Martin’s name on the ballot again. The political world does not end in Nevada County.

Charity Bryson

Nevada City

Is election news less vital than celebrity’s trial?

Is Winona Ryder’s trial more important than the election returns, particularly those of the propositions?

When we received our Thursday morning – Nov. 7 – The Union we were unable to readily locate the results of the propositions as well as those of the major candidates all of which affected everyone. The propositions passed will increase each individual’s taxes and in addition affect their pocket book and spending capability.

The Ryder trial information is in bold print while the election results show in a very small type font.

It is a sorry thing when so many people took the time to vote and because of our media are unable to realize the results of their efforts in an easy, accessible manner.

Elaine Stearns Cummings

Penn Valley

Editor’s note: On Nov. 7, state propositions results were on Page A8.

Don’t take our

freedom granted

It concerns and saddens me to see how many people did not choose to exercise their right to vote.

I think of the sacrifices and struggles of those who have gone before us (including my own father who was killed in World War II before my birth) and how precious our freedom to choose is.

Rather than give in to cynicism about corruption in government, it is our responsibility as Americans to educate ourselves and make aware choices. In the words of a country song, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” If we fall into complacency and non-participation, we disrespect ourselves and our land. Each and every voice needs to be heard. Please think more, read more and learn to vote your conscience in the future. Please don’t take our freedoms for granted.

Naima Shea

Grass Valley

Tax-and-spend liberals are becoming tiresome

Josh Wimmer, columnist for The Union, said that he was leaving town, partly because of the election of conservatives to the Board of Supervisors. He sounds just like all those liberals, threatening to leave the U.S. if their person does not get elected, or their program is not passed.

The liberals need to get over it. The electorate has spoken. We are tired of tax-and-spend liberals. If Davis had had a “good” opponent, he would have lost, too.

Confidence in the individual and smaller government is where its at. The Democrats are in disarray, and they need to define their goals in a more conservative way that reflects the ideals of the majority of the people.

Had the conservative county supervisors lost or the Congress gone Democrat, I would not leave this great country or even threaten to do so. California is a great state, with lots of problems that can be solved with committed people willing to stay with their beliefs.

James S. Dean

Grass Valley

Bedwell’s comments puzzling, troubling

Our supervisorial hopeful Mr. Bedwell didn’t waste any time putting his foot in his mouth. Before the election is even counted, he dissed the very people he hopes to lead for the years ahead. The people who work for us, the employees of the county, deserve better than to hear from a candidate that “we’re looking at the possible contamination of the outcome.”

What is that about? Is there anthrax on the ballots? Are the county officials changing the ballots? Is there something up there in the county building that maybe environmental health should know about? It would seem that a comment more supportive and appreciative of the workers would be appropriate.

Let’s hope that his words to the community in the future are more carefully thought out.

Tuck Weills

Nevada City

The GOP’s in charge so

put the pedal to the metal

Now that the president has the support of both houses of Congress, why do I suddenly feel like I’m in the front seat of a hot rod with 280 horses under the hood, a full tank of gas, no seat belts, and a 16-year-old without a valid driver’s license at the wheel?

Otto Haueisen

Nevada City

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