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About the race for District 4 supervisor

The closer it gets to the election, the more apparent it becomes. How did such an incompetent candidate win the primary? I’m talking about Robin Sutherland.

I’m a conservative, and I expect the candidates to know and understand the issues. Robin’s had six months to learn and prepare for the job. It’s obvious she hasn’t I wouldn’t take my car to an incompetent mechanic; why would I vote for Robin?

There is another choice: Rene Antonson. He’s proven that he knows what he’s doing and has the strong conservative values to back it up.

I’m writing in Rene Antonson for supervisor.

S.N. Willrup

Grass Valley

The often-quoted rap on Robin Sutherland by her opponents is that she is too inexperienced to be supervisor for our District 4. Well, her opponents are indeed experienced enough. One lost his seat as an incumbent because of his curtness and acerbic humor. The other is experienced at throwing our money out the window on her own pet projects such as NH 2020.

Robin’s experience is in honesty, common sense and a dedication to follow the wishes of the people and not just a few. On Election Day, Robin Sutherland gets my vote.

Lena Martin

Penn Valley

Robin Sutherland is a very energetic, capable person who is focused on working for us. She uses common sense and will not be influenced by special interest groups – she will respond to the concerns of Nevada County residents. She will also bring trust back to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and bring the community back together again.

The community has been divided by actions and decisions of the BOS and will get worse unless we get new thinking on the board. Let’s all vote for Robin Sutherland, and she will truly represent our best interests and concerns.

Cheryl Alexander

Penn Valley

As a politician, Elizabeth Martin is outspoken and asks questions. As a leader, she is both intelligent and compassionate. She is a hard worker, mother, wife, organic farmer and well-educated. This can be threatening to greedy special-interest groups that would like to turn our beautiful Nevada County into an Ugly Big City Suburb. No wonder some people want her out of office!

We need her skills and wisdom to help run this county as a team. I urge voters to support integrity: Elizabeth Martin for District 4 supervisor.

Roberta Bloom

Nevada City

As Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin’s treasurer, I am proud of the support shown her by our community. Over 500 people donated to her election campaigns this year. This shows the widespread support for sensible planned growth and careful fiscal management.

She has been a leader in reforming our county government. She tackled problems that had been ignored for decades such as the cleanup of unexploded bombs in former Camp Beale and mercury in our lakes. She turned around the Wildwood Estates fiasco. We are incredibly fortunate to have Izzy Martin as one of our supervisors.

Janet Crain

Penn Valley

Nevada County, California, 10th-fastest growing county. Martin supports controlled growth.

Nevada County, $8.4 million in reserves. Martin is fiscally responsible.

Measure D could bankrupt the county. Sutherland supports. Martin opposes.

Sutherland supports a plan that would flood Englebright and Bridgeport with 100 feet of water, confiscate thousands of acres of ranch land, and sell water to L.A. Martin protects Englebright, Bridgeport, local land and water.

Martin supports agriculture with pragmatic, common sense and pro property-rights solutions.

Martin voted sheriff’s deputies 28 percent pay increases.

Martin, trusted to protect Nevada County.

Rich Johansen

Penn Valley

You go, Robin! You have them on the run. I’m referring to the KNCO debate on Thursday, Oct. 17. One of the callers asked Robin about deadbeat dads in an effort to hurt her campaign with information unrelated to her qualifications. Well, they did cause some hurt, but not to Robin or her campaign. They committed the worst injustice – they hurt a kid with their words.

That’s how they play when they realize they can’t win on the issues. So, Robin, stay the court. Let your opponents show their true colors.

Tina Marshall

Nevada City

I recently attended a Meet-the-Candidates night and had confirmed for me that Izzy Martin deserves my vote. Nevada County is facing many important growth issues, and we need someone who is articulate and experienced to represent us. Izzy is the one for the job.

At that meeting, I learned that Robin has neither the background nor the verbal skills necessary. This is not an entry-level position – we don’t need someone who will be “learning as she goes.”

My vote goes to Izzy.

Janice Loggins

Penn Valley

The 4th District needs an experienced supervisor, not a neophyte with no qualifications, for the job. That’s why I am supporting Izzy Martin for a second term. She’s cleaned up the county finances, controlled spending, and cut regulations. Her opponent doesn’t seem to have a record of service in the local community. To me, there’s no question who is better qualified to serve us. I’ll be voting for Izzy Martin.

Carol Manfrin

Penn Valley

As a nurse who welcomes new babies into this world, I place a great priority on sane and intelligent leadership and healthy communities.

I encourage you to support Izzy Martin for supervisor. She has demonstrated the integrity, intelligence and compassion we need in troubled times.

Margaret Olson

Nevada City

The taxpayers of Nevada County could save millions of dollars by electing Izzy to a second term. How would this save money, you ask? Izzy’s flyers make it appear that she deserves credit for singlehandedly bringing about all the noteworthy accomplishments of the Board of Supervisors during her tenure.

Elect Izzy and get rid of the other four supervisors who are collecting salaries for doing nothing. The other four must have been the ones that made all the poor decisions that have adversely affected our county.

Time for a change!

Vote for Robin Sutherland!

Keith Kohler

Nevada City

The community is the most important thing to Robin Sutherland! It is obvious that Izzy Martin has divided the community by making decisions that most of the citizens of the county don’t support. Isn’t it interesting that the board almost always votes 4 to 1. Backroom deals? Doesn’t it make you wonder? Many of the decisions appear to be influenced by special-interest groups. Robin will strive to bring the community back together and define the most critical needs of the county by listening to you and not having a personal agenda … what a wonderful thing to happen!

George Woodle

Penn Valley

Explosions of “sovereign” casinos with the “stench” of sewage floating over valleys brings uncontrolled gaming/development/pays no taxes/unlimited money to politicians/their political parties and legal actions.

Example: FPPC v. Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians – About Feb. 21, 2002, in part, late contributions to California Republican Party was $30,000, Democrats $10,000.

Republican Party Platform is pro-family/pro-God. Casinos are not.

Do you want casinos here?

Robin Sutherland, candidate for District 4 supervisor , is a member of United Auburn Indian Community. (Gaming) “service area” Nevada County. U.A.I.C. Placer County casino/200,000 feet.

Save Nevada County.

Shirley Hendrickson

Nevada City

Robin Sutherland is intelligent, articulate, energetic and focused on being a supervisor who will truly work for us.

If you want a supervisor who will:

— not be self-serving.

— not be self-adulating

— respond to our needs

— be a fiscal conservative

— not be influenced by special interest groups

— approach environmental issues with common sense

— address the needs for affordable housing

— support private property rights

— bring trust back to the Board of Supervisors

— then, Robin Sutherland is the clear choice.

Supervisor Martin is not as she represented herself four years ago. Let’s not make the same mistake again. Vote for Sutherland.

Bill Skaer

Penn Valley

I wish more people would go to the debates like I have so they could see first hand how unqualified and uninformed Robin Sutherland is.

Robin’s admitted to making poor business decisions resulting in bankruptcy, tax liens. At one debate when a lady asked her a question about her tax liens, Robin had a temper tantrum and yelled at the lady; if she could, she’d sue her for slander.

SPI paid for Robin’s candidate school. Is this what she learned?

Rene Antonson has the experience and integrity we need. Write in Rene Antonson for District 4 supervisor. Character counts.

Kathy Pacini

Rough and Ready

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