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About the november election

As a retired fireman with 45 years of service, I urge every person living in the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District to vote yes on Measure G. The funding is needed to keep up with growth in this rapidly growing fire district. I can tell you from experience there isn’t any gravy in this request. Your fire department administration is trying to give you needed protection as conservatively, efficiently and economical as possible. Any added service is good for the whole fire district because it adds depth to the whole district, not just the station getting the addition.

Ira and Bessie Townsend

Grass Valley

I have been a resident of the Grass Valley area for over 32 years, and to the best of my knowledge we presently have some very able county supervisors, particularly Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin and Bruce Conklin.

What makes these two stand out is that not only did they serve their district well, but they served the entire county competently and credibly.

Let us not yield our beautiful bucolic county to the selfish developers, who in turn will convert our county into one gigantic suburban mall.

Re-elect Elizabeth Martin and Bruce Conklin supervisors, and we all will benefit.

Aaron Braude

Grass Valley

I’m writing this letter in response to The Union article about Washington on Oct. 16.

George Price is seeking re-election as a member of the board of directors of the Washington County Water District. Besides acting in the position of vice president of the WCWD for the last 10 years, George spends his time caring for his wife, Doris. George has been a valuable asset to the WCWD, reliable in his attendance at monthly board meetings and reliable in providing good positive advice when problems arise.

Some residents of Washington don’t appreciate the problems faced by the fire chief of a volunteer fire department with limited funding and few available trained personnel. Since accepting the position of fire chief of the WVFD, Merv Lee has done an excellent job with the limited resources at hand.

The outgoing directors don’t desire a hug and pat on the back, but rather a simple thank you with a promise to keep quality water consistently available to the town of Washington.

Jeanne Godfrey


Too liberal a forum to engage in debate? How about a candidate too afraid to stand by his convictions? Drew Bedwell’s refusal to participate in the political debates put on by The Union, KNCO, FCAT and KVMR by claiming the debates are too liberal is ludicrous. These debates are known as being unbiased and fair and are excellent opportunity for us citizens to learn where the candidates stand. I’m astounded that Mr. Bedwell would use such a wimpy excuse. We have a name for that kind of behavior where I come from: it’s called “chicken.”

Rochelle Davisson

Grass Valley

The Bee’s Feb. 11, 2001, edition warns us of a problem: wildcat subdivisions. Mark Robichaux’s article, reprinted from the Wall Street Journal, describes the outcome when extremist groups are elected to such public entities as city councils and boards of supervisors.

He names four states which have had wildcat subdivisions imposed on them when these newly elected individuals downgraded building regulations. As a result, corporate entities have built subdivisions without roads, sewers or sidewalks. The author cites Pima, Ariz., where the average value of a home on unregulated land was $14,839, compared with $193,458 in conventional subdivisions.

Beware of Measure D.

Wiley R. Martin

Grass Valley

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