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About the election in District 4 …

As we approach election day, March 5, it’s becoming apparent that the most qualified candidate for 4th District Supervisors race is Robin Sutherland.

She brings business experience and governmental function knowledge to the seat and will be extremely positive in all her decision making; those decisions will reflect the needs of county residents.

Local needs will be represented and it won’t be necessary to run off to Sacramento to seek unneeded legislation that will be detrimental to the future of Nevada County.

A vote for Robin Sutherland is a vote of confidence to a better county for all residents.

Jim Chatigny

Grass Valley

There’s a good chance that while many voters in District 4 may be opposed to Ms. Elizabeth Martin remaining in office, she will be reelected because conservatives will be splitting their votes among all the other candidates.

Ms. Martin’s total disregard for the petition containing the signatures of over 8,700 Nevada County voters is indefensible.

Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot; let’s pick one experienced conservative candidate who will truly represent us and give him our full support.

On March 5, I urge you to cast your District 4 vote for Mr. Rene Antonson.

Marilyn V. Blaine

Big Oak Valley

Knowing Izzy Martin for over 20 years, I am very gratified for her commitment to the family farmer, rancher and environment. She has diligently worked on our behalf as farmers and farm workers for just representation in the public decision-making process, and for our survival. Izzy has a balance of concern and action for the environment, rural quality of life, and for the people she represents. She responds to our needs while acting for the greater good of all inhabitants of the county. If you want our agriculture and environment maintained and improved, vote for Izzy.

Amigo Cantisano

North San Juan

Supervisor Martin said that those who oppose NH 2020 are large developers … I had no idea this county had over 8,700 of those nefarious developers intent on pillaging the land. Maybe she thinks those who signed the “put it to a vote” petition didn’t really mean it. And she “challenges” the accusation that NH 2020 is polarizing? Also, at the North San Juan debate this week, she said if her Native American constituents wanted to build a local casino, she would have to support it.

We need a supervisor that listens to all her constituents, not just her special interest friends.

Virgil Buhler

Nevada City

We are incredibly fortunate to have Izzy Martin as one of our supervisors. Izzy’s many years as a community planner, an organizational consultant, and an activist in agricultural and rural issues have given her outstanding qualifications to serve us. She has been a leader in reforming our county government, for example, getting the budget adopted on time and increasing our reserve fund by millions. She tackled problems that had been ignored for decades, such as the cleanup of unexploded bombs at former Camp Beale and mercury in our lakes. She turned around the Wildwood Estates fiasco. She solves problems creatively.

Janet Crain

Penn Valley

Rene Antonson has been involved in the No on NH 2020 campaign from the beginning. He stays informed by attending and speaking at Board of Supervisors’ meetings. He’s involved in the Penn Valley Chamber of Commerce and has remained politically active on Nevada County issues. Today, our county needs the experience of a former supervisor who knows how to get the job done, not a candidate without experience or an incumbent that refuses to listen and act responsibly. Rene can hit the ground running.

Join me and vote for Rene Antonson for supervisor.

Colin Gates

Grass Valley

I am encouraging every voter in District 4 to re-elect Izzy Martin as our supervisor. I went to the “debates” last week in Rough and Ready, and it is clear that Izzy showed a firm grasp of the complex issues that face Nevada County. It is important to have intelligent planning for future growth which will protect our property values by keeping our county as an attractive place to live and work.

Mark Twain said: “A lie will travel three times around the world before the truth gets its pants on in the morning.” Vote truth, vote Izzy Martin March 5.

Bob Mora

Rough and Ready

Last year I helped organize volunteers to sit at petition tables getting signatures to put NH 2020 on the March 2002 ballot. Rene Antonson is the only candidate for District 4 Supervisor who volunteered his time and helped gather over 8,700 signatures. Izzy Martin says NH 2020 is an empty box; she wants to fill it. In January at Rough and Ready Grange, Robin Sutherland said she wants to fill the empty box. Rene Antonson is opposed to NH 2020 and will get rid of the empty box. A vote for Rene Antonson is a vote to stop NH 2020.

K.R. Pacini

Rough and Ready

As a fourth generation California farmer, I will be voting for the one candidate who has done more for agriculture in Nevada County than any supervisor during the past 20 years. As a conservative landowner, I will be voting for the one candidate who can and will actually protect my private property rights.

As a concerned parent, I will be voting for the one candidate who has listened to my concerns regarding the future of Nevada County and has earned my respect with her forthright, insightful, and informed answers.

I will be voting for Izzy Martin.

Rich Johansen

Penn Valley

A check of the records at the Nevada County Elections office revealed that Robin Sutherland registered to vote for the first time on Nov. 7, 2000. Since that was election day, she couldn’t vote that day. I believe there have been no elections since. Robin claims she has lived in Nevada County since 1993, yet apparently she has never voted here. Robin stated she didn’t attend NH 2020 meetings because she relied on others to tell her about it. Robin seems to let others do the voting, also. Vote for experience. Vote for Rene Antonson.

Karen Nelson

Penn Valley

I support Izzy Martin for supervisor in the 4th District because I am impressed by her record of action and compassion. She responded swiftly and surely to our county’s crisis in mental health care, securing an additional $400,000 for mental health. She has supported many creative efforts to address the lack of affordable housing which threatens to weaken the fabric of our community. She is committed to helping Nevada County grow in such a way that it remains a place where all of us will want to live and raise our children for many years to come. Let’s re-elect Izzy.

Terry Lowe

Rough and Ready

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